Online Coordinator

CarolynPicCarolyn Winter is the Online Coordinator at, who also has her own successful practice as a holographic coach at She is dedicated to helping students gain confidence as a facilitator of the extraordinary for their clients.  Her focus is on creating a nurturing online environment to learn Resonance Repatterning anywhere in the world.

As Online Coordinator, Carolyn is instrumental in establishing our online classroom environment, providing students with orientation to the technology as well as maintaining the website and blogs.  She offers free consultations to anyone who is considering training online with us.

WPHVolLogo2Carolyn is a longtime supporter of the wider Resonance Repatterning Community and has served as president and current board volunteer at the Repatterning Practitioners Association.  She is currently re-launching the World Peace Hologram program where participating practitioners may volunteer sessions for the public to address global issues.  She intends that this program helps practitioners gain WordPress blogging skills, create a web presence for themselves while providing a valuable public service that makes a difference.

You can follow Carolyn on TWITTER, or read her guest posts at JOURNEYS WITH OZ or continue reading her posts at her personal blog.

freeconsultationFor a free consultation and orientation to the online classroom book your 30 minute appointment with Carolyn at

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