I teach in series of 6 basic seminars that provides a wealth of self help strategies for anyone who can read and follow instructions.  Imagine creating your positive change for all of the life issues you currently deal with!

Professionals may add these to their toolbox of techniques as an umbrella system. With the 6 basic courses you can also  pursue certification with the Repatterning Practitioners  Association.   – Ardis Ozborn

3 Ways To Get Started…

Information & Checklist Download Free
RECORD VIDEO – Learn Muscle Check in 90 Minutes! Information & Registration… Full Training Series begins November 14th  2017 Information & Registration…

4 Responses to LEARN WITH ME

  1. lauri Wittenstorm says:

    Lot’s of love to Puff!!!

  2. amis says:

    Just saw your site, it is great. Well & easily spoken! The NEW picture of you is beautiful too. I hope this site will help to grow RR into a KNOWN practice. Thank you again for all of the support, research, prayers, kind thoughts & loving words. I really do miss you!

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