Oct.29 @ 3PM (Pacific): Resonate with a Civilized Election!

Join us today if you are free. Let’s create a wave of coherence for our planet!

World Peace Hologram

Are you weary of the the attack ads being run for all the various candidates this year? the robo calls; the divisiveness of our nation? Do you want things to be different? If so please join us for this group repatterning to resonate with civility during the upcoming mid term elections. Be part of the solution..and then vote your conscience.

You can participate in this group repatterning by filling in the form at the link below or by watching the recording. Once we identify how to be civil and we resonate with that concept we will all feel better!

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Introductory Event September 7th at Noon Eastern with Carolyn Winter

Introduction to Learn Resonance Repatterning Online 
With Carolyn Winter
Friday September 7th at Noon Eastern – 1:30pm 
online with video conferencing

Find out more about the Resonance Repatterning System of healing and how you can become a practitioner ‘facilitating the extraordinary’ for clients.  If you have been thinking about a new full or part time career, or adding another dimension to your current practice as a healer the Resonance Repatterning system may be for you.  You may have heard of a friend’s experience of phenomenal change, you may have experienced it yourself.  Many people who have studied and learned alternative healing methods find that Resonance Repatterning is amazing.

Join me, Carolyn Winter the online coordinator for teacher Ardis Ozborn this September 7th for an Introductory Session for this training program.  In this session we’ll cover the essential components of the systems, the underlying principles that support its effectiveness and we’ll do a group demonstration session so that everyone can experience it.

Attend in person to receive additional bonus’s and special offers (TBA)

Sign Up Here to attend and receive online access instructions. 


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A Jumbo Jet Experience – Learn Resonance Repatterning

Do you recall your first experience of learning Resonance Repatterning with either the Empowering or Fundamentals of Resonance Repatterning Seminar? For most of us, it is a seminar of anticipation, hopefulness, and optimism. Students starting for the first time often think – “Could this be the tool that sets my life straight or helps me resolve challenges? Will I be able to help others with this tool? Will it work for me? ”

I recall a TV interview with Michael Talbot, author of the Holographic Universe, where he concludes that what we don’t know about the universe is like a two year old driving a Jumbo Jet.   For teachers teaching the Resonance Repatterning system, the Fundamentals of Resonance Repatterning is often considered the most difficult seminar  to teach in the entire system. I was surprised to hear that, but on reflection totally understand this perspective and would like to share this with the Talbot’s analogy of a jumbo jet and taking off.

This first seminar in the basic series of five, is like a jumbo jet taxing down the runway readying for takeoff. It carries the weight of all the students, their perceptions of life to date and a limited view of seeing the world and their ability to change it. We all arrive with an unconscious doubt about our own innate power or a lack of awareness that we have such power. We’ve all experienced the pain and hurt of our needs not being met, feeling helpless, feeling de-energized, – being the victim. We have all spiralled down to the place of negative thinking, – blaming, regretting, reacting and being angry. The weight of all of this for every passenger is on the jumbo jet of the class slowly making its way down the runway. The movement is created by the anticipation of its passengers as the teacher presents the material.

As the seminar proceeds and we learn the basic concepts of resonance repatterning – biofeedback, the muscle checking tool and its various forms, of the essential need for orientation to self, others, or time, the conversion of problems into opportunities or setting new possibility intentions … the jumbo jet now starts to gain speed. As the students begin practicing their muscle checking and gaining confidence they are surprised, delighted, and hungry to learn more. The energy of take off is building. The wheels are still on the ground, picking up speed, the weight of the plane – our internal stuff to be converted – meets the new learning with resistance. Some of us challenge the information – how can this be so? Some of us go to sleep – the only place to create a neural pathway to take in this new information. There are many aha moments yet internal questioning.

After practicing muscle checking with some of the initial patterns a sense of awe and wonder sets in for most students. At this point there is a subtle and yet distinct movement of letting go in each of us – we are letting go of those old ideas, the old way of processing, the old thinking, the old patterns of being. As the students all begin to collectively let go, the jumbo jet now takes over the resistance to change and all the passengers including the teacher and online coordinator present feel that initial brace of lift off. It takes the patient teacher about 5 days to get there and feels amazing.

By the time the Fundamentals Seminar is complete we are air born and gaining altitude. By the Primary Patterns seminar the next in the series, we are still climbing, but the ascent is getting faster and faster. By the time we reach the Transforming Unconscious Patterns seminar things gel in our psyche and a new way of learning is well established. By Chakras or the Meridians course we are well on our way flying the clear blue sky of awareness and learning. The energy to now take in the entire system or teach it is effortless compared to the jumbo jet getting ready for take off.

As coordinator I am personally moved every time I witness this awesome feat of nature – seeing future practitioners who will make a difference in the lives of many take that first trip down the runway and meeting the resistance to become airborne . I am also truly in awe of the teachers that put in everything they have so that the plane takes off. My deep appreciation to all of you!

With love and light

Carolyn Winter

Online Coordinator at http://www.Ozardis.com

The Fall Series Begins September 18th or October 16th 

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The Seminar dates for our 2018-2019 Basic Training Series are now available and registration is open.  This year we are pleased to announce  two separate start dates to the basic annual training:

For those ready to get started as soon as possible the first Fundamentals class will be taught in August by our friend and colleague Jennifer Johnson.    Start early and you are welcomed to retake this seminar in October 2018 with Ardis as the regular series continues. Here are the dates:

TIME/DAYS – We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays Noon to 3:30pm Eastern
Other Time zone start times:
[9:00 am Pacific |10:00 am Mountain | 11:00 am Central | Noon Eastern | 5:00 pm London]

September 18, 20 25 27, Oct 2  and Practice October 4th with Carolyn
The series continues November 13th with Ardis

and / or (Early bird participants are welcome to re-take this first class with Ardis)

October 16th 18th 23 25 and 30th + Practice Nov 6 with Carolyn

Nov 13, 15, 27 and 29th and practice Dec 4th with Carolyn

Jan 8 and 10th, 15th , 17th practice + 24th Ardis mc + tup practice 29th with Carolyn

March 5th, 7th, 12th 14th + practice 21st with Carolyn

April 23, 25, 30th and May 2, 7th and 9th practice on may 16 with Carolyn

Series Wrap-Up on May 21st 2019



  • Carolyn@lighttravels.com
  • 416-763-6306 (Landline in Toronto)
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Releasing Trauma on June 16th

Wonderful idea that the world truly needs at this time…

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