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I teach Resonance Repatterning seminars throughout the world. I also offer an interactive group dynamic called Journeys with Oz.

Releasing Trauma on June 16th

Originally posted on World Peace Hologram:
Have you noticed how much trauma there is in the news? There are volcanoes erupting, wars, struggles against oppression, demonstrations, immigrants risking their lives to flee dangers at home, children separated from their parents,…

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Book Review: The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart

Originally posted on Repatterning Journal:
The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart: Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World Not long after completing my Resonance Repatterning training 20 years ago, a…

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Join us on January 30th for Chloe’s new story inspired online seminar…..bring your blankie!

"I'm scared," said Piglet."A story will help," said Pooh."How?""Oh. Don't you know? Stories make your heart grow."#WinnieThePoohDay — Children's Literacy (@childsliteracy) January 18, 2018

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A generous tip from a genius!

Forget the theory of relativity. When it comes to decoding the universe, nothing is more mysterious than human beings. Thankfully, German-born physicist and world-famous genius Albert Einstein has left behind his own theory to achieving happiness and fulfillment—and no, it … Continue reading

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Fighting the darkness while spreading the light of love…..

    © (AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino) Most people know about Mother Teresa. Some may know she was recently proclaimed a saint. She and her fellow sisters took in societies most unwanted and she fiercely aided and defended those who had … Continue reading

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