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New to Resonance Repatterning? Taken a couple of courses? Totally switched on for this awesome way to heal yourself?

We have a tribe for you!  Once you get started with learning how to do Resonance Repatterning, and experience the miraculous when doing sessions, most people want to share it. You soon find out that not too many people can appreciate your awesome experience. Some friends do not want to hear about it at all!

Avoid the downward spiral of isolation and join us here at the Repatterning Practitioners association. You will be in the good company of like minded people who know about the power of this work, walking our talk and oodles of ways to use RR for everyday life situations.

When you join as a Student (not yet completed the first 5 classes or just practicing what you learned) you receive the 8 Wk Teleseminar created by Ardis…

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Have You Used the Nun Karma Repatterning?

Have you used the Nun Karma Repatterning (or heard of it?).    Many practitioners have! I have personally used the repatterning a number of times for myself and clients, finding it very useful.  It is a repatterning developed by a small group of practitioners including myself back in 2010 and of course appeals to anyone whose belief system includes the idea of having a past life.   For those who do not share this belief, the repatterning is still rich with providing intentions for new possibilities for a life vision.   IF you are new to the repatterning you may sign up for at the blog website www.NunKarma.com

With the advent of webinar software I recently pulled together my NKR training videos, and group sessions into one low cost webinar at LightTravels.Thinkific.com 

There does seem to be continued interest from other healers in this topic who are also curious about combining past life healing with repatterning.   They continue to subscribe to my http://www.NunKarma.com website.   If you HAVE used the repatterning and have a story to share with others about results or how it helped you personally, I warmly invite you to be a guest contributor at the NunKarma.com blog and post a story about your experience.   These blog posts are published in a monthly newsletter that is sent out on the 22nd of each month.   The post could even be a video interview if you prefer.  The more the merrier!

Please contact me at carolyn@lighttravels.com if you are interested in contributing – I would love to hear from you.


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3 Ways to Stay Safe from Cyber Attack

With high alerts on cyber attacks the coherent thing to do is find out how to pro-act. Thought this was a helpful article!


Source: 3 Ways to Stay Safe from Cyber Attack

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‘You can’t steal second with one foot on first!.”

Our past student Rose is a blogger! working hard at the RPA for the community.

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That quote speaks to me.

Maybe it’s because of where I am in life – leaving behind old patterns that are  comfortable and familiar and making a ‘run’ for something better. I’m looking at second, having the belief I can  make it,  and knowing I have to come off ‘first base’ with both feet. There’s a risk.  It’s bold.  But if I don’t make a move, I’ll be stuck  on ‘first’ the rest of my life.

I actually discovered this quote last week while doing research for the RPA’s Vision Day 2017.  I had googled ‘Vision’ quotes and ‘up’ it popped.  It doesn’t mention Vision.  It doesn’t even contain the word, but the connection is clear.

A baseball player must have clear vision.  He needs to see his current position. He has to see clearly where he wants to go, the obstacles, the other players.  He comes off ‘first base’ with both feet — taking his first steps to manifest his…

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Integration Resources for the Transforming Chakra Patterns Seminar with Resonance Repatterning

Learn Resonance Repatterning Online

BOOKS/ Authors

Anodea Judith has written extensively about the Chakras for over 20 years.   Eastern Body / Western Mind at Amazon is a great book to have as a reference.  Additional material for each Chakra is found in the book   Wheels of Life .   Find all of her publications and webinars at her website: http://www.sacredcenters.com

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