Addressing Gun Violence With Open Hearts

Our colleague friend and teacher – Jennifer Johnson, set up her first solo live streaming WPH event for March 31st at . Join the session and send her your support by ‘liking’ and sharing the post. The topic is sooo timely and addressing it with care, sensitivity and repatterning neutrality will help us resonate with the best of humanity.

World Peace Hologram

Join me for this World Peace Hologram session by filling in the form below.

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Writer’s block!

Repatterning Journal

I have always struggled with writing and for years I believed that I just couldn’t write. At school, though maths and science was easy, I could never quite grasp the mechanics of how to write. I remember one of my teachers told me once that I had good ideas, but I needed to flesh them out – my prose read like a telegram. I couldn’t understand what she meant and she wasn’t able to explain it to me. Now, years later, I read what I wrote then and agree with her – I was writing telegrams!

In a way, I feel somewhat cheated of the opportunity to express myself creatively through writing, something which I now love doing. But, at the same time, I understand that it’s all a process and a journey and something which we all learn at different speeds and different times in our lives. In my…

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The Practice and Refinement of Resonance Repatterning

Repatterning Journal

I have been teaching Resonance Repatterning since 1995 and have been privileged to teach some amazing practitioners. I recently interviewed two of them. (Ardis Ozborn, Resonance Repatterning teacher)

Interview with Julie Steve, certified practitioner since 2010

How did you first learn about Resonance Repatterning?
A friend introduced me to a practitioner who did body scans. The scan validated the stress in my body as we explored the emotions held in the organs, and a light bulb went off in terms of my childhood traumas. She suggested a Resonance Repatterning session to identify negative thought patterns and beliefs that I was still resonating with. I began the session from a negative space and at the end I felt like wonder woman! I was ready to tackle the world. I felt so completely different each time I received a session that I decided to learn how to do this myself.


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Join us on January 30th for Chloe’s new story inspired online seminar…..bring your blankie!

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Make Peace Personal – 12 Sessions With Carolyn Winter – January 1st 2018

Its not too late… make your peace intention + your personal intention to be repatterned monthly in 2018, listen to the recording and notice your intentions manifesting for you….

World Peace Hologram

In this monthly group proxy series with Carolyn Winter each participant may focus their intention on an area of the world that needs peace and name a personal intention of any kind as well. Set your 2 intentions once and notice the changes that occur with every session both in yourself and in the world.

Sessions are streamed live on Youtube. The date and time will be announced at Sign up at … for email notices.

Our first session is on New Years Day January 1st 2018 at 1:30pm Eastern 


  1. Personalize these sessions for your participation and complete the form below:

2. Watch the video recording…

3. Read the Session Notes to Integrate the session

Watch for evidence of peace happening in the world for your intention! Comments welcomed!

With love and light


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