Adjusting to Daylight Savings Time…

MP900382676[1] Our body must adjust to daylight savings just like flying to a new time zone. One way to make this transition is to use the energy of our Meridians. We all have them; they are rivers of energy that flow through our bodies. When the energy flows free of obstructions we experience a sense of ease. When that flow is interrupted we have a sense of dis ease.  According to Chinese Medicine the 12 major meridians all have a high period as you divide up the 24 hours. Each period is two hours. The meridians have many points on them. The best point to help with time change is the horary point. By gently contacting these points it balances our daily time clock.

Daylight saving time begins on March 9th. On March 8th it would be great to activate the flow of all twelve meridians by holding the horary point on each of them. Ideally you want to activate this point at the high energy time. For example, the high energy time for the stomach is 7-9A.M. Hold the point for about one minute.  Proceed to each horary point during each high energy time period. You can set an intention that you are holding the horary points for the late night and early morning points prior to going to sleep so you don’t have to wake up during the night. An example would be the liver meridian. It’s high time is 1-3 A.M. Before going to sleep just state “I am using the current time to proxy for the liver meridians high time” and just hold the point before turning in for the night. You can do this for all the late meridian high times so you can stay asleep. This is also a great idea when flying to a different time zone.

The Five Element/Meridian book has all the horary points for the 12 meridians. If you have not yet taken resonance repatterning just google: meridian horary point charts and that will give you the locations.


Debbie Youngquist

[Deby is a recent graduate of the Resonance Repatterning Online Seminar Series.  Congratulations and thank you for this “timely” tip!]

About Deby Youngquist

Deby Enjoys using three avenues to facilitate healing for clients. She has been practicing Resonance Repatterning since 2009. Along with that she became a Naturopath in 2015. Her study of the Bible, almost when she began walking and talking, has given her the most encouragement in life. She is passionate about health, gardening, hiking and all things natural.
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