Tapping Into the Extraordinary of Self-Healing Methods

Re-Posted from www.LearnResonanceRepatterningOnline.com/blog bookshelfsummerOn my book shelf this summer is one brand new book, ‘You are the Placebo’, a new edition of the former Repatterning Modalities book ‘Spiral Up! – 127 Energizing Options to be Your Best Right Now’, and one I bought on its release in 2010.  It has taken this long for me to realize I had gold sitting on my book shelf to fully get into it! All 3 books share a rich understanding of the new brain science evidence and provide a shift in thinking about how to create the personal development changes or transformation we all crave.  It may be easier than we think, IF we can get past our embedded beliefs and perceptions. All 3 books give us vital information on how the mind can change the brain and the next steps we can take to achieve lasting transformation.

Mind Sight: The New Science of Personal Transformation by Daniel Siegel, MD:  One of my long standing frustrations with finding specialists for either mind or body is the tendency in all professions to focus on their narrow field of interest.  I often fantasize about having a medical team, each with their specialties meeting together to share the evidence of my life, and from there make a definitive game plan for health and well-being. Early in his training as a psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Siegel realized that change will not come from pills alone and theorized that if patients understood how their brain was malfunctioning in relation to what-ever life situation, they could make better gains than on medical treatment alone.

Repatterning practitioners will love his description of ‘the brain in the palm of your hand’ as he provides a hands on description of how the brain works.   In the Resonance Repatterning system, Chloe’s references to brain structure, various parts of the brain, their non-coherent and coherent qualities etc., ties in with this description perfectly and will help practitioners to shed light on the importance of these qualities as they come up in a session.   According to Siegel when the mind understands exactly WHAT the brain is doing it has the capacity to physically change the brain structure.  Several tools of integration provided by Siegel are at the crux of creating and sustaining permanent change.  With an entire profession at odds with even the definition of what the mind is, or the notion that it may be more than just a by-product of the brain, Siegel’s work is definitely cutting edge.  His explanation about the resonant circuitry between the provider and the client (patient and doctor, practitioner and client, or parent and child) will help practitioners understand the importance of continually doing work on themselves to serve others well.  The stories he offers in the second half of the book are compelling and perfectly illustrate the integration tools discussed in the first half of the book.

You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter – By Dr. Joe Dispenza – Most of us first met Joe Dispenza in the cult classic “What the Bleep Do We Know? 2004.” Has it been that long? He gave an almost soliloquy-like discussion dubbed ‘Create Your Day -which I still find helpful and inspiring, and where he talked about how to use the notion of infecting the quantum field with your intentions to manifest your desires.  He has published several books since then but his latest, “You Are the Placebo,” adds to the awe and wonder of how we can integrate the findings of new science to create spontaneous change within ourselves. This book gives numerous examples of placebo studies where people who thought they were receiving an experimental treatment gained the results even though their pills were merely sugar.  In study after study, the research shows that a placebo can create permanent physical change.  Again, similar to what Daniel Siegel suggests, it is the mind that provides the work orders to the brain to change its physical structure in relation to something we want changed. Joe Dispenza provides the latest scientific evidence of this phenomena.

The biggest challenge to implementing this process is the long standing problem of breaking the habit of being ourselves.  Our problems and the things we don’t want have been hardwired in our brain to be our existence.  When we create a positive change our brain is no longer the same. However, to keep up the new brain wave state we must clear all the patterns of the past that keep us lapsing into who we used to be.   Additionally we need to be able to visualize the new state of being we desire (happy, pain free, successful, etc.) accompanied by the feelings of the super-charged emotional state that is involved. Repatterning practitioners may have an edge here with Chloe’s work.  A companion to the book, Dispenza offers 2 Meditation CD’s (sold separately), that incorporate the findings and helps the sitter establish a desired new way of being. I have bought the first one, and while a battle rages in the ego part of my mind about the content, I happily use it frequently to focus on my goals. Afterwards, I get the sense of being connected to the quantum field discussed in the book and wonder with awe “is this the field listening to me?”

Spiral Up! – 127 Energizing Options to be Your Best Right Now by Chloe Faith Wordsworth – If you are already facilitating the extraordinary as a practitioner of Resonance Repatterning, you will recognize the new Spiral Up! – 127 Energizing Options to be Your Best Right Now as the revised Modalities book. Re-written with many new explanations, theory and ‘how-to’s, it remains the ‘bible’ for each session of the repatterning system and is available in the practitioner version.  However, it is now also available to the public on Amazon.com in a soft cover format. This new version contains instructions for how to use the energy options whether or not you are a studied practitioner.  With this book in hand anyone can begin to shift their resonance (and their world) with things you can do right now. The instructions for ‘10 Spiral Up sequences for Living in Tune’, enables the reader, regardless of training, to experience a version of a resonance repatterning session. Learn to resonate with what you truly want, including those insights you obtained from other systems of healing, and they will soon become the new normal in your life.   Just as the work of Dr. Daniel Siegel or Dr. Joe Dispenza and countless others can bring profound aha moments to your understanding of healing, for non-practitioners, Chloe’s new book will have readers hearing nothing but pennies dropping in their head as they integrate their new paradigm understandings into something applicable and practical to their everyday lives. For practitioners, a quiet smile of inner knowing will be hard to erase.

PS – The Practitioner version of    Spiral Up! – 127 Energizing Options to be Your Best Right Now is spiral bound for ease of use when doing sessions.  it may be obtained at the E-Store at http://www.ResonanceRepatterning.net 

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