Changing names – Embracing my authentic self

Have you had the experience of changing your name? Or did you ever feel that you have outgrown your name?  Carolyn Winter invited me to share my experience of repatterning my name during the 26 in 52 week Resonance Repatterning challenge.   My overall intention for this program is:

“My intention for this program is to fully and authentically embrace and resonate with my name”

Vision Backstory:  I am someone that typically would shy away from Carolyn’s invitation, but to begin to allow myself to be seen, I agreed. I expressed to her that I was in the midst of some form of identity crisis surrounding an inner conflict with my formal name Elizabeth vs Lisa my common name, which is short for Elizabeth. For most people, the names Liz and Beth are easily associated as shortened versions of Elizabeth. On the other hand, Lisa as a shortened version of Elizabeth seems to catch some people off guard and others think that they are entirely unrelated names. I believe that is where my conflict with my name may have begun many moons ago as a little girl. I still have people asking me is your name Elizabeth or Lisa?

This conflict continued throughout my life, the two versions of my name have created confusion with my friends and colleagues in a variety of social and professional situations depending on which name you knew me by and which name someone was calling me in a particular setting, either way I would always inevitably end up explaining how Lisa is short for Elizabeth or vice versa.

To further complicate matters, my last name is Kochanik and for some reason it just looks complicated to pronounce. It is a Slovak name, and is pronounced Ko-chan-ik. It seems simple enough to me, but to this day I have to help people with its pronunciation.

As I began to delve deeper into Resonance Repatterning, I began to realize that I resonated with the confusion and complication surrounding my name and that it was affecting me every time I had to introduce myself to others. I felt fragmented as though I was not sure which version of me I was showing up to the world as. Then, I remembered something a numerologist once emphasized to me about the importance of the vibration associated with my name. It was at that point that I began to think about how I feel as Elizabeth vs Lisa. When I think or say Elizabeth, my internal energy lifts me up a little higher and with Lisa the energy is tender, sweet and maybe a little timid.  I am fond of both names, but I am being guided towards using Elizabeth these days where in the past I introduced myself as Lisa first and Elizabeth was only in formal situations. There was a time not too long ago that even saying that my name is Elizabeth felt uncomfortable to me because I was completely disconnected from embodying myself as Elizabeth. Resonance Repatterning has played a large part in healing that disconnection and has helped me become a more authentic person and own who I am.

The repattering that my system choose this week to help me resonant with my name was the Earlier Experience Repatterning. It was right on target and it really shifted a lot of energy to help me resonate with being Elizabeth Kochanik. One of the statements that came through was, ‘In my relationships I am seen’, which is interesting because the reason that I agreed to write this for Carolyn was to start allowing myself to be seen and the baby picture qualities at the end of repatterning were also very interesting because of the high energy and excitement for life that I exuded as a baby, which is what I have been working toward having more of in my life as an adult. As I continue to work on this subject I am excited see what shifts my future repatternings bring for me!

Follow My Story! Your support is appreciated: Integrating Elizabeth as my working name is huge for me.  I plan to do all of the 26 repatternings using my overall intention for integrating my name for each one.   I will continue to share the outcomes of each of the 26 repatternings and how it has moved my goal forward.  I welcome you to share your name story and any suggestions you have found helpful in this journey.

Comments welcomed

Light and Love,


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2 Responses to Changing names – Embracing my authentic self

  1. Ardis Ozborn says:

    Elizabeth is a name the evokes great power and strength. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. It is challenging to take on a new identity but once you resonate with it the pathway opens. Good for you! Ardis

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