Hearing Repatterning: Am I being heard?

Knowing and trusting that my system (energetic, guidance, subconscious, etc.) knows where to take me next, I am following the 26/52 Repatterning Challenge with a very broad intent: What do I need to know next in order to show up in my highest and best capacity? Enter Resonance Repatterning # 3: Hearing Repatterning.

No one was around when I entered this world. Well,  I guess it’s more accurate to say that no one was awake for my entrance. Ok, so the doctor was (thank heavens!), but I was looking and hoping for someone who cared for me on a deeper level to be there to hear my first cry… my first voice. I needed to know from the get-go that I would be heard. That what I had to say, albeit as a cry, a whimper or a deep breath, was worthwhile. Actually, I wanted my first sound in this world to be earthshaking … I wanted to rock my parents’ world with what I had to express. As it was, my mother was sedated and my father had gone home to take a nap, awaiting the call that I had arrived. Accepted procedure in the dinosaur era. Totally acceptable in the day. No judgment, no blame. But imagine making the greatest “ta-dah” of your life and no one of magnitude is around… what’s a girl to think? Maybe that “I have nothing to say that is worth listening to?”

That was my wake-up realization in this Hearing Repatterning session.  That no one is listening.  Or at least that is/was my perception.  And my perception is really all that counts.  As long as I feel no one is listening and that what I have to say is not worth listening to, why on earth would I speak up after all these years? * As synchronicity would have it, I drew a divination card just two days ago that indicates that part of my purpose/path includes oration.  On a deep level that resonates… I get all excited inside when I envision motivating and inspiring and others’ hearing me at their core.  If this is to be, then this I have nothing to say that is worth listening to is cramping my style!

As ways to undo this belief pattern within me, the brilliance of Resonance Repatterning led me to 3 modalities (yes, it took 3 different approaches before my resonance with that belief shifted… an indication of how deeply ingrained it was.  After all, I’ve been “practicing” that belief since birth!).  Drumming, an Earth Meridian Sound and a Stature of Power and Creativity all contributed to loosening and dissolving this expression-dampening belief.

*Those who know me may be scratching their heads because as a friend, coach, facilitator, mother and wife I do indeed express myself (plenty!, some would say :-)!  The issue lies not so much in whether I express… it lies in whether I believe/know at my core that what I am saying is worthwhile.  As long as I resonate with doubt in my worthwhile-ness I will not step fully into all I can be.

Gearing up to step fully…

About Georgia LaCroix

Georgia LaCroix, CMT, Holistic Healing Coach, combines coaching and integrative healing skills to offer her clients and students avenues through which they can become empowered, come into awareness of their Wholeness and move forward to experience practical, full, productive, creative and joy-filled lives. Georgia teaches Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), and facilitates workshops designed to help individuals break through their blocks and move forward! A Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, IET® Master Instructor, Certified Soul DetectiveTM, Resonance Repatterning® Student Practitioner and practitioner in several other modalities, Georgia has 25 years of extensive study and experience in the fields of bodywork, energy healing and coaching.
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2 Responses to Hearing Repatterning: Am I being heard?

  1. Ardis Ozborn says:

    I hear you Georgia, welcome to the world baby girl! Ardis

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