#ICResources for Inner Cultivation Seminar Students and Meridian Students

MC900439587[1]Last January and February, Ardis and I hosted the Inner Cultivation Seminar with Chloe Wordsworth in our online classroom.  It was the first time for me and I applaud Chloe for the body of work she has assembled in this seminar.  It does take your understanding of the Meridian and Five Element seminar information to a much deeper understanding of how energy flows (or not) specifically at the spiritual level of the acupuncture points.

In this work the Meridians are referred to as Officials.  When all are balanced we are in synch with life and things work out well.  When one meridian goes off or becomes non coherent, the other meridian officials rush in to help out.  There in lies the mystery and practice of unravelling the patterns.  To solve the mystery and bring coherence  we learn new aspects of meridian work including the 5 essences, the Three Treasures  and what deplete them.   There are many new associations the student can learn to understand not only the energy imbalances but determine the best acupuncture point to harmonize the system and become whole again.

In these repatternings the role of the practitioner is prompted to be something of a detective.  As we explore the patterns arising in the session, –  the effect of the client, the emotions, body language, and what the client reveals in their answers, the detective in us gains clarity on the best acupuncture point.  Over several sessions  we also move towards an understanding of the client’s constitutional type, that helps guide us to find the imbalances in future sessions.

The exploration of patterns, emotional and constitutional characteristics etc will naturally set you fingers walking through the doorway at Google.  In my case our Toronto Public library also has some wonderful related material.  My goal is to share the resources i have discovered with you in a series of related posts.  Students of at least the Meridian and 5 Element seminar or Inner Cultivation I am sure will find these useful.

I will provide links on Twitter and/Google+ with the hashtag #ICResources.

Today’s gold mine of a fine was found I believe on some old pages at http://www.acupuncturetoday.com magazine website.  It is from a column of articles called Classical Five-Element Acupuncture by By Neil Gumenick, MAc (UK), LAc, Dipl. Ac.  This page has a list of articles for each of the Meridian Officials and related articles.  They may be downloaded as PDF’s .   Most of the articles added a little something to what we studied in the class but they were also great to read as they confirmed what you already have learned and helps to make it practical.


Carolyn Winter
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In so doing, we


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