Getting Past the Repatterning Slump in Your Life….

As practitioners, we are good at facilitating sessions for others, doing sessions on ourselves and being on a path of growth and transformation. Then it happens – life gets in the way. Normally a huge life event disrupts our good habits and routines. Perhaps a loved one died, there is an unexpected divorce in the family, a business collapsed, a health issue flared up or disappointment ensued when things did not work out as we expected. It may even be a positive event – a wedding, a new baby, a life time dream trip, etc. The transition from routine to the not so routine, finds us short on time and high on distraction or misplaced priorities. We move into coping mode and a place where we can easily fall for the trick of the mind that argues ‘until the crisis passes we don’t have time!’ – no time for a Repatterning on ourselves or to reach out to others. Rest assured you are not alone. It happens to all of us at some point.

Here are some ways to get back on track:

1. Set a new possibility intention for yourself. What do you want instead of the situation you find yourself in? Perhaps you have been with the problem or challenges for so long you have forgotten what it is your really want in your life. The limbic brain loves a goal or something to direct your energy towards. Place your work order and put your brain to work by making that intention.

2. Find your tribe! Join or rejoin the Repatterning Practitioners Association and participate. Every month a member volunteers to do a session for the group. They meet on the video conferencing platform called zoom. That alone will pay for the cost of membership and get you connected with others that care about you. Bring your goal to the party to have it repatterned! Join or rejoin for as little as $60 as an associate member and you have access to the programs.

3. Commit to Repatterning sessions with another practitioner. Working with someone else can help you get out of your own way and provide you with the positive feedback your own inner critic  can’t provide. It is a change of pace that will outsmart the rut you are in. Meet other practitioners at the RPA events and ask who is willing to do an exchange or two with you. Or engage a practitioner in paid sessions – there are lists here:

Mostly, start appreciating yourself for the extraordinary being that you are, as often as you can remember to do it.  That alone will create a cascade of energy on your brain that will help you turn a corner.  You will not only get past your own Repatterning slump, you will be able to help others as well.

What other action steps have worked for you to get past a Repatterning slump in your life? Sharing welcomed!

With love and light

Holographic Coach
Online Coordinator at 
Prez at RPA


About Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

Energy Healer & life coach, with unique online long distance applications providing tools to navigate your holographic universe. Currently partnering with Resonance Repatterning teacher Ardis Ozborn to bring the training seminars online in a live video conferencing format. My passion is quilting.
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