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I have always loved art and entertainment. I am a movie junkie and hooked on well produced television series’; especially those that develop slowly and allow characters to evolve. I am also fascinated with energy patterns and how they transforms through challenges; watching people rise to the best and the worst they are capable of. I am a voyeur of human beings and their choices…

I share this passion with my dear friend and fellow teacher Sylvi Salinas. We have begun a series of lively discussions where we look at films and television through the lens of energy and archetypes. We analyze how the energy flows through the chakra’s and five elements and identify the coherent and non coherent patterns. We look for the strength and weaknesses of the characters and the directors choices that help us understand ourselves and others better.

Please join us for this fascinating series; A&E and follow energy with us!


Arts & Entertainment Series with Ardis Ozborn and Sylvi Salinas Episode 2

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New Arts & Entertainment Series with Ardis Ozborn and Sylvi Salinas

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