Turn On Your Life Vision with Carolyn Winter

Welcome to our live streaming group proxy session “Turn On Your Life Vision” with Carolyn Winter (moi!)


1. What is Your Life Vision Intention?  What Holds You Back? –  Scroll down this page and complete the form with your Intention and any problems blocking you from manifesting it.  I will use this information in the repatterning session (without your name, and likely abridged if supplied prior to April 17th.

Arriving After April 17th??? PLEASE NOTE…The Hologram is Listening… It is helpful for me to receive your information prior to the session however, if you are watching the recorded version (meaning you are here after the session) please know that you have been anticipated by the hologram.  In quantum physics time is non-linear and past,present and future exist simultaneously.  Chances are no matter when you registered and placed your information for repatterning … the hologram was listening.

2.VIDEO LINKS AND SESSION NOTES-  The session was streamed live Friday April 17th at 10:00 AM Eastern (New York time)/ 7:00AM Pacific (L.A time).   An edited version is now available along with the PDF session notes and has been emailed to participants.

Lost your email?  Contact Carolyn@lighttravels.com for another copy.

Complete the form here (use the inner scroll bars to move down the page) and then return to your email and read the session notes that accompany the videos.    Did the hologram anticipate you?

…OR navigate to this direct link:


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