Remembering Dr. Sirota – Audio Post

Dr. Sirota was a light in this world. His innovative way of examining eyes and writing prescriptions for lenses that actually attract more light into our eyes was pioneering. Please listen to this brief audio for more insight into this Vision Pioneer.

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I teach Resonance Repatterning seminars throughout the world. I also offer an interactive group dynamic called Journeys with Oz.
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1 Response to Remembering Dr. Sirota – Audio Post

  1. Hi Ardis – It was such serindipity tha Dr. Sirota and Chloe managed to combine their world perspectives on eyesight and create the Vision repatternings that we have in the course.

    I still remember the shock of waking up to my so called ‘lazy left eye’ muscle wiggling like a worm a few days after taking the Visions course with Chloe – it felt wierd. I made my way to a mirror and found my typically sagging left eye sitting up straight. Cool I thought. However in the days and weeks to come, my prescription lenses no longer worked as I could see better without them! Since by law I was required to wear glasses to drive, I went to see an optomistrist. He wondered who had prescribed glasses for me to resolve the lazy left eye problem. He claimed I did not have it. Well either you have it or you don’t but clearly something shfited for me. As I recall, the session had to do with the unresolved grief and sadness I felt when my dad died ( I was only 8 years old)

    So to this day I no longer need glasses for driving, just reading . My gratitude to Dr. Sirota and Chloe for their amazing colloboration.

    With love and light


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