With all the dire news these days it was wonderful hearing about the “heroes of Salt Lake City”. A young man on a motorcycle collided with a car and was pinned beneath the flaming twisted wreckage. Disregarding their safety, a group of strangers came together and lifted a 4000 lb car high enough for one rescuer to pull him to safety. He has some broken bones but he is going to live. Amazing.

Who were these heroes? A couple of university math students, a couple of construction workers, a couple of women, a Doctoral candidate from Ghana and another from Lebanon, a police officer. Just people. The kind you see everyday just living their lives. Yet in that moment they went into action. Unscripted, facing danger and a huge obstacle, without thought to their own safety. Someone was trapped beneath that car and they decided, in an instant, to lift it up and set him free. When a group of people get on the same page they can create a miracle. I am sure that Brandon Wright will never see people the same way again. Imagine how he feels right now. These strangers stepped up. For him.

So when you are feeling cynical or thinking “what can I do to make anything better” remember the heroes of Salt Lake City. No ONE person could have accomplished this. Just a group of people who don’t consider themselves heroes, just realizing as a member of the human race I am going to help another human who is in trouble. What an inspiration! Ardis

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I teach Resonance Repatterning seminars throughout the world. I also offer an interactive group dynamic called Journeys with Oz.
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  1. OK now you made me cry. And I always do when I am touched. Would love to have more of these stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things than the other. thanks for sharing.

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