SKYPE adventure

I have completed two SKYPE classes recently. The first was with Magui Block in Scottsdale where we offered Healing the Family System. We had students from the UK and USA. My second time was in Kansas City with a five element class that Bobbie Martin organized. It was a bold experiment to see if Resonance Repatterning could be taught in this new way. I believe it can. There were some challenges we had to overcome.  Skype is great because it is free for any student who wants to download it. You benefit by having a camera to be seen by the teacher which is an inexpensive investment. You need to have a decent computer with good speed and it helps if you are in an area with good receptions. Skype is not always consistent and occasionally dropped the calls. That was frustrating but we have not learned how to repattern sattelites yet!  Also students needed to download the latest version of Skype and that is easy and free if you have a PC but not as easy and not free if you use an Apple computer. My biggest challenge was sound. I was using a good quality microphone yet my voice faded in and out for the students. We played with the volume controls a lot and had students making adjustments on their end yet it continued to be a challenge. I used a Logitech headset which is wireless or plugged in. I tried both options and yet their were issues. The tech support people indicated that some of the problems were within Skype, some with the students computers as well. Does anyone have a suggestion for better sound quality? I would love to hear from you.

Conclusion: I would do it again and a SKYPE only class would be my choice. When you have a group of students present and another group on SKYPE my focus is split. I wanted to give my full attention to both groups and that was not possible. The students who were on SKYPE felt it was a success even with the challenges we had. They appreciated the convenience of taking the class from home, not having to travel and did feel part of the group that was live. I was happy to pioneer it and am ready to do more in the future. Onward and Upward! Ardis

About Ardis Ozborn

I teach Resonance Repatterning seminars throughout the world. I also offer an interactive group dynamic called Journeys with Oz.
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5 Responses to SKYPE adventure

  1. I was delighted to be a SKYPIE for the class with Bobbie Martin and have to say from this end it was a terrific experience. I did feel like I was a part of the class, right there more so than in a telecall. It was great to have the convienance of home, but still literally as consuming as attending a class in person with the added travel expense.

    Adis – congratulations on doing this. It’s long over due and I think is a great venue for getting classes out there especially for re-takers.

    WIshing you all the best for future classes


  2. It was a brave move “going where no man [or woman] had been before. ” And it certainly seemed to be a success for the students. I was indeed more than a little frazzled, being the tech support for Ardis, definitely not my element. And I was proud of what I could figure out and do. A great option for the future and I too would probably do a class exclusively for Skype students or live students. And am looking at other programs that might offer even better reception and sound, although I know there will be a cost for that. I think its great to explore these new options and make this process available to literally anyone around the world.
    Thanks for being my co-pioneer. Not sure I would have braved it at this point unless you had the courage to do it, Ardis.

  3. That’s great that RR is moving so boldly into the digital age. I’m so excited to see this new development! Any chance that the books will be available on Kindle? That would so convenient for traveling practitioners.

  4. dawn says:

    i too thought you did a phenomenal job of integrating SKYPIES and physical present beings! some of the physically present checked out, to process their own way, so it was nice to maintain a connection w/the skypies. loved when we were in the ‘technological flow’ and could ALL hear the skypies. for me, it brought a voice/spirit to the face. kudos to YOU, ardis, for pioneering this platform – i believe we all benefitted! i appreciate you all!


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