Resonance Repatterning Seminars Online – What we have learned so far.

English: A Photo of the School House exhibit a...

English: A Photo of the School House exhibit at the Sidney Historical Museum, B.C., Canada. The exhibit depicts a mid-century school classroom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have just completed our  3rd online seminar event- a combination of Empowering and Fundamentals and with gratifying results.   One of our original goals was to preserve the group experience of an in-person seminar where so much is learned by the real time sharing of experiences and spiraling of ideas.   Many of you who are experienced with online learning options know that you can have webinars with recordings, chat features, pre-recorded or canned learning segments etc.  but will find relatively few conducted in real time face to face video conferencing options without having to incur a large phone bill and/or registration fee.  If you do find these options they are usually at a premium.  So tentatively we selected a completely online video conferencing option, to meet our program goals and eliminate phone costs to participants.

We learned a few things along the way.

– if you are going to do extensive learning online, your experience will improve dramatically with a high quality web cam and separate microphone.   The computers that come with a built in camera and microphone,  are usually low quality, may distort voice and picture and add to your frustration.   It is fine in the short term but something to consider or invest in if you plan to do other online events such resonance repatterning online seminars.

– Video conferencing  takes a lot of internet resources. I will spare you the tech talk I have been mired in but it does come down to this:  a cable based internet service like that offered by in the USA or Rogers in Canada is best.   Europe and the rest of the world already have it.   I am testing out Bell Canada’s Fiber Optic internet service soon but anticipate it is similar to cable.

– the longer a video conferencing call is engaged the more the connection improves.

– pets love to join you in your online learning adventures!

– anyone can learn online.  Anyone can learn to master the technology requirements to be online.  My hat is off to Barbara in our last class and others who refused to let their technology fears stand between them and the classroom experience at hand.  They made the help desk of all the technology companies involved earn their keep and stayed on the phone to follow their instructions step by step until they were fully connected.  Barbara now installs new programs, deletes them if unsatisfied and reboots like a pro!

– that said, sometimes all of the great intentions and persistence still won’t work.  Never mind it’s not you. It’s the technology. We have created a special and unique classroom experience that takes a particular technology set up to make it work.  I learned that it’s best to check in with each student in advance of the class to make sure things go well.

– once connected there is nothing like a real time face to face learning experience conducted from the comfort of your own home.  As our last participants shared,  they found it wonderful to be able to not have to leave home, to have family in proximity, and yet get the learning they have waited years to take.

– as resonance repatterning practitioners we are big dreamers and technology doesn’t always keep up with us! You would think it would be possible to have a class of 25-30 with the ability to speak directly to the facilitator and see each other.  Ardis for example insists on a set up that eliminates the problem of a video not synchronizing with the sound for example.  We could go the route of webstreaming (it’s like TV Broadcasting and you frequently see it used at technology/marketing conferences) but the cost of that for an average weekend length seminar is very prohibitive.  We are not quite there yet in terms of a video conference  but our current service is coming close at least for lip syncing   We can have a slightly larger group than on a Skype conference.

– Resonance Repatterning students are persistent.  They keep trying no matter how many times they get dropped.  They are resourceful -“I wonder what this button does?”.  They are also resilient and keep their calm and a friendly smile no matter what happens on screen.  And they are mutually supportive and help each other out to solve technology glitches.  You won’t find a better group of learners to master doing things online!

They say the classroom of the future is not just on your computer but what ever your device of choice happens to be.   In these first 3 seminars I learned that Resonance Repatterning students are some the first to fill those seats!

The classroom for Resonance Repatterning is beyond time and space!    We were surprised to receive inquiries from Europe, the UK, South Africa, Israel, and India from folks when our promotional efforts have so far been minimal. We are now considering options for additional time zones around the world.

With what we have learned, we proudly announce our new schedule for 2013 online Resonance Repatterning Seminars.  I am really looking forward to bringing you into our classroom online!

Here is a link for now for The 2013 Online Seminars for Resonance Repatterning  with Ardis Ozborn.  More on that later

I am looking forward to our next online learning adventure!

With light and love

Carolyn Winter
Online coordinator at

Contact Carolyn at:

About Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

Energy Healer & life coach, with unique online long distance applications providing tools to navigate your holographic universe. Currently partnering with Resonance Repatterning teacher Ardis Ozborn to bring the training seminars online in a live video conferencing format. My passion is quilting.
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2 Responses to Resonance Repatterning Seminars Online – What we have learned so far.

  1. Chris Willis says:

    I am now taking my second on-line class with Ardis and Carolyn. I really appreciate the format they have created. The 3.5 hour sessions are perfect for absorbing the new material. Then there is one or more days until the next session to practice. Their knowledge of the material is valuable and their combined experience with Resonance Repatterning is wonderful. I was fortunate to receive a session from Ardis in one of the sessions. This session helped me to see how critical looking after my wellbeing is for me. The shift since has been amazing. I am getting more sleep, I covered up the only small remaining light source in my bedroom to obtain complete darkness, I am doing Resonance Repatterning sessions on myself and Spiral Up Tools during the day while I am at work, I am letting go of my ‘mad’ negative childlike habits and creating what I want and need for me. This truly is amazing work!! Thanks for all that you are doing.

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