Online series starting soon….


The next online series for the basic training in resonance repatterning begins this September 17th.  There are a few seats left!  This is a special opportunity to start the process of learning resonance repatterning.  Complete this basic training in 6 months, in a small group setting of 8 students …. WITHOUT LEAVING HOME!


What does it take to be a practitioner? –The prerequisites for this journey are a commitment to personal growth and transformation within yourself (walking our talk!) and the ability to read and follow instructions.  Practicing what you learn with everyday life situations will help you to integrate what you have learned.  Typically finding a class near you has been the main problem for many wanting to learn.  Not anymore!


If you would like to learn Resonance Repatterning for yourself, become a practitioner or add this skill to your already established healing practice, this is a great opportunity for you.


Learn Resonance Repatterning –Practitioner Carolyn Winter and I are partnering to offer the seminars online. The next basic six series of seminars begins September 17 through March 4 with classes meeting for 3.5 hours Tuesdays and Thursday for a total of 85+ hours of training.  Optionally, when completed, you are eligible to join the Repatterning Practitioners Association as a student practitioner and declare your intention to become a certified practitioner.


LEARN RESONANCE REPATTERNING ONLINE! No travel, no hotel or hassles scheduling time away. The seminars are taught in a live video conferencing format.  Like a typical live seminar in person very little of each class is recorded.  It is a live interactive format with a small group setting that is very supportive.  It requires a cable internet connection, webcam, and updated computer that supports video conferencing (most computers in the last 4 years do).  Don’t worry if you are not tech savvy as online coordinator Carolyn Winter will have you up and running with confidence!


Is this class for you?  Here are some links to check out:

Introductory Video with teacher Ardis Ozborn


Registration Page for the Series – contains all of the course information including TIMETABLE


MOST IMPORTANT – There are only 8 seats in this Series.  The books and material will be shipped the first week of August to get them to you on time. If you are really interested I urge you to act NOW.


There is a readiness moment for everything in life. Is this your moment?


About Ardis Ozborn

I teach Resonance Repatterning seminars throughout the world. I also offer an interactive group dynamic called Journeys with Oz.
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