By Gail Glanville, Owner Change Bistro & Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

Last week, for Solstice, I wrote about the power of simplicity— a great way to harness the Solstice energy and light up your dreams.
This week, as we approach the New Year, simplicity is still the best guide. Because New Year’s Resolutions are simply about something you want and don’t have, or something you have and don’t want.
I’ve discovered that New Year’s goals in the past failed because they were based on external problems that made me feel like I was “not good enough.”
When I learned how to set simple goals that came from my essence and honored what is just right in me, my resolutions became fuel for moving to sunny Florida and completing the new Goldilocks Repatternings book. That’s how I know this can work for you too.
• Before you make a resolution, you have to know what the problem is you want to resolve.
The problem is never what you think it is; it’s never what appears on the surface. It’s never what someone else tells you. It’s usually part of the universal limiting belief in “not enough” and it is stored in your innermost depths.
So taking the time to get to the core of the problem before you spend time on your resolution is a wise investment.
• Then you have to change the energy around the problem.
That’s what Einstein meant when he said you cannot solve a problem at the level of the problem.
What you can do is name, claim and tame the problem. Get it moving in your psyche. Find a better, more beneficial resolution.
As an example—
This is what doesn’t work: A one-to-one equation that goes “I’m too judgmental of myself and others, so for New Year’s I resolve to give up judging and become more accepting.
This is an equation that cannot succeed: it’s all the same energy. It’s the same problem of judging whether you are a success or a failure. It comes from a belief in rejection that is truly toxic to your health and core well-being, so give it up!
A better equation might be: “To improve my relationship with myself and others, I slow down and listen to my inner wisdom before I take action or speak out.”
Can you feel how different the energy in this goal is?
Maybe you can’t always stay in the power this goal gives you, but there is plenty of room for forgiveness and growth as you develop a new understanding of what is just right and enlivening for the person you were born to be.
Congratulations! You’ve changed the energy around your problem!
Want some more support?
• Let go of generations of impoverishing “not good enough” patterns and beliefs that keep you from your dreams,
• Power up Just Right energy—not too much, not too little, but Just Right—for New Year’s goals that support the healthy, wealthy, loving person you’re born to be.
Best of all…with REPATTERNING tools at hand, I know that Just Right peace, power and prosperity can be yours each and every day.
And so it is!

About Ardis Ozborn

I teach Resonance Repatterning seminars throughout the world. I also offer an interactive group dynamic called Journeys with Oz.
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