Getting to Know You…

As winter continues to wreak havoc in most of the world many people are spending more time at home. If your looking for a project to pass the time I have a wonderful idea. Go up into your attic or down to your basement or perhaps pull out a drawer and find your baby pictures and photo’s of your younger self. Make a collage or pick out a couple of your favorite photo’s and have them enlarged and then make a beautiful frame to show yourself off.

This is an exercise I have students do in my seminars. Get to know the little one inside of you. This is you. This is your essence. When did you last gaze into your little child’s eyes? What do you see when you do this? Create a sentence that describes you; free of all judgments and criticisms. Speak it out loud. How does it feel to hear these loving descriptions of yourself? Uncomfortable? If so repeat it and pay attention to your breathing. Slowly and deeply. Continue this exercise until it feels comfortable to hear loving words about yourself.

Now find the perfect spot to put these pictures. Make your child a part of your family. Display your child right next to all the family pictures you love. Loving the child within is the secret to a happy life. If your child is happy you get to be happy.

Now isn’t that little one adorable???


About Ardis Ozborn

I teach Resonance Repatterning seminars throughout the world. I also offer an interactive group dynamic called Journeys with Oz.
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1 Response to Getting to Know You…

  1. Ardis – thanks so much for the idea. Doing something to recycle those photos in old shoebox can have such a wonderful mulitpurpose. To add to the inspiration, i also recommend going on and searching on the topic of DIY recycle photos and see what you get. It is most amazing. Best of all a creative project like this can bring us in touch with our innerself.

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