Stretching is good….

I met a wonderful student in my seminars years ago. She was a natural for the Resonance Repatterning seminars that I teach.  She “got” the concepts that we are energetic by nature and that our “reality” is a reflection of our internal state. When she “graduated” from the basic six seminars I asked her if becoming a certified practitioner was something she wanted to focus on. She shared with me that school had always been difficult for her and that she often felt insecure and “stupid” when trying to learn something.

I told her she was very good at Resonance Repatterning. She was thrilled to get that feedback and told me that it was the first thing she had studied that made her feel “smart!” I encouraged her to “stretch” herself and commit to the certification journey. She hesitated initially because the idea of being observed and receiving feedback flashed her back to the frightening experiences she had as a child. I offered to do a session with her to “clear” her attachment to those old beliefs. She accepted and it was a powerful opportunity for her to update her little girl and start resonating with her new belief that she is smart and able to learn easily!

She took the journey even with some residual anxiety. I observed her sessions and was very impressed by her confidence, focus, attention to her client and relative ease with the process. I recommended that she be certified by the RPA. When they approved her application she celebrated! Completing all the requirements had taken her about a year and she was very proud of this accomplishment. Even more importantly was the transformation of her old beliefs about herself. Each time she demonstrated her prowess and received feedback she learned more about who she really is. We are not who we were. It takes a willingness to “stretch” in order to know who we are now.

Are you ready for a new definition of yourself? I look forward to supporting you in your journey towards certification..


About Ardis Ozborn

I teach Resonance Repatterning seminars throughout the world. I also offer an interactive group dynamic called Journeys with Oz.
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