26 in 52, Hearing Repatterning

2652I am ready to do the Hearing Repatterning in the Primary patterns book. Hearing is one of the first senses to develop in the womb. It connects us to our mother’s heartbeat and the high frequency sounds of her voice. This is how I began to know my mother and her responses to life. Her joy and sadness was recorded in her heartbeat and transmitted to my energy field.

If I was exposed to arguments or danger and I felt threatened I continue to be alert for similar sounds in the present. I may also be filtering out coherent sounds that are present but not in my memory bank.

I am committed to resonating with my ears absorbing coherent high frequency sounds that constantly recharge my brain and body mind system. This supports me in being healthy and living a long life!

What are you hearing? I would love to hear from you.


Find our more and join the 26 in 52 program here.

About Ardis Ozborn

I teach Resonance Repatterning seminars throughout the world. I also offer an interactive group dynamic called Journeys with Oz.
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