Could you please ‘ask it….’ muscle checking reflections

DSCN1890Clients often ask me in a session to “Ask it” or please check….for something that they want. They are referring of course to the muscle checking tool of the Resonance Repatterning system.  I often smile and ask “Who is it?” we are checking with? As practitioner, I embrace the notion that we are muscle checking the inner wisdom or the higher self of the individual – the part of us that knows what it wants for us that brings coherence or well-being.

This simple interchange may in fact be the crux of what distinguishes the resonance repatterning healing system. To add light to this supposition, I recently dusted off my old copy of Stephen Wolinsky’s book “Quantum Consciousness”(1993). His questioning exercises to develop conscious awareness brought a new insight for me about the whole ‘who are we muscle checking with’ question. I was inspired to adapt his questions to our situation  of “Who is it?” that we are muscle checking.

Visualize and contemplate the following:

1. Replay an experience, situation or intention in your mind’s eye noticing your feelings, body sensations and emotions.

2. Next imagine the experience, situation or the intention as manifested in your mind’s eye or as you would like it to be even if it seems impossible. Again notice your feelings, body sensations and emotions.

3. Ask yourself ‘Who is having the experience? Who is observing the experience? Who is it that is making theses changes?’

Stephen Wolinsky would ask “Who is it that is always witnessing my mind? Who is it that is always there watching. The answer is “I am”. ”

One last mind bender question to entertain…. “Where does the voice or person answering these questions reside?” The mind? The brain? or somewhere else?

As studies of consciousness merge with the new sciences of brain and body, my guess is that the ‘MIND’ will prove itself to be a more powerful instrument than we currently know.

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About Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

Energy Healer & life coach, with unique online long distance applications providing tools to navigate your holographic universe. Currently partnering with Resonance Repatterning teacher Ardis Ozborn to bring the training seminars online in a live video conferencing format. My passion is quilting.
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2 Responses to Could you please ‘ask it….’ muscle checking reflections

  1. Monique De La Tore says:

    Thanks for article. I have been saying ‘it’ is the ‘Mind-Body System’, but ‘Innate Wisdom’ makes so much more sense as it’s the core. How would you describe the Mind-Body System in relation to Innate Wisdom? Thanks.

    • Hi Monique – Interesting question. In Dr. Daniel Siegel’s book ‘MINDSIGHT’ he says that the professional world of psychiatry cannot agree on a definition of mind with the prevalent opinion that it is merely a by-product of the inner workings of the brain. Many spiritual leaders will teach that who we are is beyond our body and mind. For me personally, Innate Wisdom is that part of our consciousness that knows what it wants for us that is coherent and leads us to higher ground. Who knows where that consciousness really resides. – Carolyn

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