What I Know Now Because of Resonance Repatterning

NM LadyWhat if someone offered you a golden key that would unlock the secrets of the universe and of infinite human potential — would you be curious and courageous enough to accept it and use it?

What is this golden key I speak of and where can you get one, you ask? It is Resonance Repatterning. And the good news is that it is available for each and every one of us to use for our own infinite, personal growth. Lucky for me, I got curious enough to find it and courageous enough to use this gift to experience some amazing positive changes.

Here’s a little bit of what I know now as a result of applying Resonance Repatterning to my life…

  1. It’s me, it’s me, it’s always me! Whenever I feel annoyed, aggravated or bothered by someone or something they do, I quickly remember that it’s not them – it’s me. For example, I used to get bothered for days if a friend or family member forgot my birthday, immediately spiraling down into a self-pity party. But after much practice of looking inward and recognizing my own triggers (like someone forgetting my birthday), I am more empowered now to change my perspective on this type of scenario and look at it from a different angle.
  2. It’s not the drama. I used to blame events and people for my unhappiness. This was particularly true in my 20’s. If I didn’t get the job, apartment or boyfriend I wanted, I would not only go into long periods of misery, but worst of all, I would blame myself believing that I was damaged or broken inside. “Everyone else gets a break but me,” was my mantra. But, I know better now. Drama is always going to happen – war, family feuds, job loss, home foreclosures, etc. No matter what the drama is, I have but one purpose: To stay centered and at peace. My happiness will come from that, regardless of what event is occurring.
  3. It’s easier NOT to judge. Whenever I feel “boxed in” in my thinking or emotions, I remember this story: “A wise man won an expensive car in a lottery. His family and friends were very happy for him and came to celebrate. “Isn’t it great!” they said. “You are so lucky.” The man smiled and said, “Maybe.” For a few weeks he enjoyed driving the car. Then one day a drunken driver crashed into his new car at an intersection and he ended up in the hospital, with multiple injuries. His family and friends came to see him and said, “That was really unfortunate.” Again the man smiled and said, “Maybe.” While he was still in the hospital, one night there was a landslide and his house fell into the sea. Again his friends came the next day and said, “Weren’t you lucky to have been here in hospital.” Again he said, “Maybe.” The wise man’s “maybe” signifies a refusal to judge anything that happens. Instead of judging what is, he accepts it and enters into conscious alignment with the higher order. It is impossible for the mind to understand what place or purpose a seemingly random event has in the big picture. So isn’t it easier to remain open, non-judgmental and limitless in perspective?

The way I see it, my golden key has not only unlocked my own infinite potential, but has led me to create a new personal reality. How would you use this knowledge today to make your own personal change?





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1 Response to What I Know Now Because of Resonance Repatterning

  1. Ardis Ozborn says:

    Thank you Sandra for this wonderful article! Resonance repatterning is the key, I never thought of it as the “golden key”. Brilliant! It’s so nice to see you tapping into your full potential. Keep up the great work. It has been a pleasure having you in the ONLINE training and truly appreciating that it was very late at night for you. That is commitment! Ardis

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