Resonating with my birth name and the Writing Repatterning by Elizabeth Kochanik

Have you ever tried to change your name?  My initial decision to do so was easy, but the implementation not so much.  Follow my story of integrating a change of name using the 26/52 challenge.  My posts will reflect what each repatterning has contributed to my overall intentions. Your comments and support are appreciated! 

This is my second repatterning surrounding resonating with my birth name Elizabeth Kochanik as my authentic self. The journey of resonanting with my name through the Writing Repatterning uncovered many fascinating perspectives that were truly insightful to me. I love how things are revealed during a Resonance Repatterning session. It is like a gentle unraveling of the unconscious mind to a long forgotten correlation surrounding an issue.

During the earlier experience section of the Writing Repatterning, the age was the birth process and my father was involved, and as I was thinking about what negative situation was happening between us during that time I remembered a story he once told me about how I was named. He went on to explain to me that my grandmother (his mom) was very strict and worked nights to support the family. He was an only child, so in the evening he spent a lot of time at his friend’s house. His friends mother’s name was Elizabeth Kelly. She was very kind to him and cared a lot about him. She was someone he admired as though he wished she was his mom too, because she was always home with her children. So when it came time to for him to choose my name it was either going to be Kelly or Elizabeth. He chose Elizabeth. As I thought about this story I began to imagine how my grandmother must have felt. I am sure on some level it must have felt like a slight to her. My grandmother was the best woman I have ever known. She triumphantly navigated through the Great Depression and managed to bring her entire family to America from Czechoslovakia in spite of all the challenges she faced during her life. Her name was Helena and I would have been honored to be named after her, but that wasn’t in the cards for me.

I continued on to the negative feeling section of the repatterning, feelings such as I am supposed to be someone else and I don’t feel perfect in my own right came up. As I thought about how my name was selected and everyone’s role surrounding it, I began to understand how the energy behind its selection contributes to my struggle with fully embracing my birth name. How fitting for a repatterning encompassing resonating with my birth name as my authentic self.

Moving on in the session, I began the writing coherence section and the letters that I didn’t resonate with were BEGKZ. Four of them are in my name. I found this to be very eye-opening. I am grateful to Resonance Repatterning to know that I now currently resonate with them. This was another big shift towards resonating with my name and embracing my authentic self.

When I began the Writing Repatterning, I wasn’t sure of how my name and the Writing Repatterning would interconnect. Initially, I thought of how I physically write my name, then as the session progressed I had no idea of the revealing journey this repatterning would take me on.

Thanks for being a part of my experience with repatterning my birth name and embracing my authentic self. Comments welcome!

Light and Love,


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