Neural Pathways And Oatmeal…

ConfidenceI just completed a marathon session working on my website. I set out to change a date on my upcoming online class schedule. I assumed it would be a simple task. I was wrong. Very wrong! My friend and online partner Carolyn gave me very clear directions about what to do. I set out to complete this task quickly. Carolyn had indicated it would take time but I couldn’t imagine more than a few minutes. I could follow directions. How difficult could that be? Carolyn just breezed through it.

Many hours and many S.O.S calls later I finished. I was exhausted. Mentally drained. It felt like I had oatmeal in my brain. I breathed deeply letting go of my stress and feeling the rush of dopamine that accompanies a successful accomplishment. We are conveniently hard wired to receive this dopamine upon completion of a challenging endeavor!

I received huge lessons from this experience: well beyond learning a little more about technology. I have been a resonance repatterning teacher since 1995. I have done hundreds of sessions on myself, clients and students. I’m always intrigued by what comes up and the powerful transformations that happen. It is very easy for me and I enjoy it very much. The process is so effortless for me to navigate now that I forget how overwhelmed I felt in my first class with Chloe Wordsworth! She made it look so easy as all good teachers do. She was so focused as she muscle checked what was needed, explaining things to us and being totally with her client. As I watched her work I was sure I could do that too.

What I had forgotten over all these years was the challenge and frustration I felt trying to put all the pieces of this amazing puzzle together. My mind felt like oatmeal then too. What I saw Chloe do in one hour took much longer for me. That all changed over time as I practiced ( a lot!) on myself and anyone who was interested in a session. I hit my stride quickly and never looked back once I had created new pathways in my brain labeled resonance repatterning sessions!

Today’s exercise brought everything back. I can remember how it felt to not know. Even with a great teacher (and Chloe is great) we go through that phase. Today’s experience is a powerful image and feeling for me to hold while teaching my seminars. What’s easy for one person can be quite confusing for another. I vow to keep that always in my consciousness when I am teaching.

Thank’s for the lesson!


About Ardis Ozborn

I teach Resonance Repatterning seminars throughout the world. I also offer an interactive group dynamic called Journeys with Oz.
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