Where in the Resonance Repatterning world is Georgia?

I am accepting the 26/52 Resonance Repatterning Challenge on two levels… first from Ardis Ozborn (Resonance Repatterning Practitioner and my on-line Trainer) to complete 26 repatternings in one year; and second from Carolyn Winters (my personal Resonance Repatterning coach) to create a blog that chronicles my adventures through the Repatternings.

I work with my clients as a Holistic Healing Coach, facilitating body-mind-spirit alignment.  This sometimes takes the form of physical body work (massage, reflexology, muscle release), energy healing (Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Integrated Energy Therapy, etc) or coaching (Resonance Repatterning) and most often my sessions with clients are a compilation of all approaches (hence body-mind-spirit alignment).

I also facilitate self-help and practitioner-level classes and workshops.  All of these are based on the principle of “practitioner, know and heal thyself.”  For this reason I am delving into the 26/52 Challenge.  The Resonance Repatterning approach facilitates deep inner awareness along with built-in modalities to help shift the energies surrounding the root causes of our dis-harmonies, discontent and dis-ease, resulting in increased levels of freedom of being, expression and purposeful, passionate living.

In order for me to facilitate this for my clients, I must facilitate it for myself.  Thank you, Ardis for the Challenge.  I accept!  And thank you, Carolyn for the added fun aspect of blogging and sharing this journey with others!  Here I go…

About Georgia LaCroix

Georgia LaCroix, CMT, Holistic Healing Coach, combines coaching and integrative healing skills to offer her clients and students avenues through which they can become empowered, come into awareness of their Wholeness and move forward to experience practical, full, productive, creative and joy-filled lives. Georgia teaches Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), and facilitates workshops designed to help individuals break through their blocks and move forward! A Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, IET® Master Instructor, Certified Soul DetectiveTM, Resonance Repatterning® Student Practitioner and practitioner in several other modalities, Georgia has 25 years of extensive study and experience in the fields of bodywork, energy healing and coaching.
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1 Response to Where in the Resonance Repatterning world is Georgia?

  1. Ardis Ozborn says:

    Welcome Georgia to the 26 in 52 challenge! The most extraordinary healers commit to healing their own wounds. I appreciate your willingness to explore your issues and change your resonance. This is an exciting journey and you are a wonderful inspiration to others. I look forward to your blog posts! Ardis

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