What am I willing to attach my name to and the Commitment Repatterning.

Have you ever tried to change your name?  My initial decision to do so was easy, but the implementation not so much.  Follow my story of integrating a change of name using the 26/52 challenge.  My posts will reflect what each repatterning has contributed to my overall intentions. Your comments and support are appreciated! 

The amount of emotional resistance I felt around writing this post told me that I definitely need to write it. I completed the Commitment Repatterning a couple of weeks ago, but I have resisted writing this post until now. For my commitment, at the beginning of the repatterning, I stated that I am 100% committed to writing an article on my sauna company and to being authentically known as Elizabeth Kochanik. Then “projects” came up for me as part of the additional commitments needed. The statement I received was “I enjoy initiating a project and seeing it through to completion”. It make complete sense to me now why that statement came up for me coupled with my resistance. It took a little bit to integrate this repatterning, but I am here, writing to you and seeing it through to completion.

As the repatterning progressed, my earlier experience was about being born breech, feeling stuck and being unable to move forward. I realized the impact my birth process was still having on my life. As I continued on to the action step, I committed 100% to writing my sauna article, “The Beauty of Healing Light” and it became crystal clear to me how my resistance to putting myself in the public eye was similar to my birth process and how it felt as though I was resisting being born and being fully seen. I can definitely see the correlation between the Commitment Repatterning and writing the article with my name attached to it and being visible in the public eye. It is amazing how shifting these patterns has eased my resistance about writing an article to be published.

Light and Love,


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