Belief Repatterning Insights: Somatic Correlation

Insights invariably emerge several days after a Repatterning.  Here is my Belief Repatterning revelation.

I make a great guinea pig.  In fact, so much of what I know about what is going on with individuals is due to personal experience.  It is my understanding that most physical issues have an emotional, mental and/or spiritual component.  Yes, I know that the sprained ankle is “physical” and occurred by stepping on a banana peel (pick your circumstance).  And I may have to admit (kicking and screaming) that at least some percentage of physical ailments have no other correlation than foot + banana peel = sprained ankle.  But when I KEEP spraining that ankle, or I talk about “my weak ankles,” or am unsteady on my feet because of loose ligaments, can’t climb mountains, or move forward easily… oooh… can you hear the symbolism?

So for me right now, it’s my hip.  My left hip to be exact.  It has been an item of interest since I was 15.  Nothing happened to my knowledge (although I have had some intuitive “hits” about my birthing and childhood antics).   At 15, playing racquetball I remember feeling “uneven” as I walked back to my starting position.  I then used that hip to stand with defiance, to carry my school books, and to hoist my babies.  One day sitting in a long car ride it “gave” and for 3 years I was in major discomfort.  A chiropractor helped tremendously and my hip went back to being noticeable but not interfering.  My hip would show up but not interfere with anything I wanted to do:  Karate, gym, hiking, Jazzersize, Tai Chi, Zumba, Yoga, etc.   Fast forward 20 years:  I stepped just so on a cobblestone in Europe and the hipster has been back on center stage for a year and 1/2.

A real live physical issue.  AND… Hips, according to Body-Mind-Spirit expert Louise Hay, have to do with the direction in which we are going.  Try turning off a path on which you are walking without turning/angling your hips.  You either can’t do it or you pull a muscle trying.  Lest you deduce from this that my life is off track, it isn’t.  I am grateful for where I am, where I have been and what I have done.  AND there is this yearning within me to show up more boldly, to step out, to step fully into who I know I am, to fulfill some dreams and I have definitely held back.  Just like I might hold back on a physical outing right now because my hip feels weak and hurts.

All this to share that after doing the Belief Repatterning on myself I have “suddenly” started doing a particular stretch (I’ve been familiar with this stretch forEVER) and my personal trainer just shared with me an exercise, both of which have put me from a 7 to a 3 on a scale of discomfort.  And for the first time in more than a year I feel like walking and hiking.  I feel like moving forward and branching out onto different paths.  Not only to I feel like it, I feel I CAN.  I can feel a change coming on :-)!

About Georgia LaCroix

Georgia LaCroix, CMT, Holistic Healing Coach, combines coaching and integrative healing skills to offer her clients and students avenues through which they can become empowered, come into awareness of their Wholeness and move forward to experience practical, full, productive, creative and joy-filled lives. Georgia teaches Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), and facilitates workshops designed to help individuals break through their blocks and move forward! A Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, IET® Master Instructor, Certified Soul DetectiveTM, Resonance Repatterning® Student Practitioner and practitioner in several other modalities, Georgia has 25 years of extensive study and experience in the fields of bodywork, energy healing and coaching.
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