Why would anyone EVER want to be ordinary???

CarolynPicThe RPA was created to support the needs of Resonance Repatterning students and practitioners. It is a community of like minded souls who focus on becoming extraordinary practitioners. Ideas are shared, new information is made available and everyone participates in it’s growth. For the past few years Laura Frisbee has been the president of this organization. She has brought wonderful energy, communication skills and insight to her leadership role. As Laura steps down the inevitable void is created. Who will step up?

I understand the responsibility of this position. I served as the president for many years myself and passed in on to Carolyn Winter, my online partner for the resonance repatterning seminars. She also brought a wonderful new direction to the association and was the driving force that brought it ( kicking and screaming!) into the world wide web. I stepped away when my term ended but Carolyn never really left. She has been managing the “back end” of the association; acting as a wise elder voice at all board meetings and basically doing anything that was needed quietly and efficiently.

We talk a lot about being extraordinary.  Carolyn fits my definition of extraordinary. She goes beyond what is expected; and always pushing the envelope to uncover new possibilities. I am thrilled to announce that Carolyn has agreed to step back into the role of president with a very excited and eager new board ready to take the RPA into it’s next adventure.

Please join me in congratulating the membership for this wise decision in choosing Carolyn Winter as the next President. A board alone doesn’t make an association. All the members who pitch in with ideas & action plans to implement them makes the RPA extraordinary. It does however take leadership to steer this powerful ship of transformation. Well done!


About Ardis Ozborn

I teach Resonance Repatterning seminars throughout the world. I also offer an interactive group dynamic called Journeys with Oz.
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