Cycling through life…#19 in the 26/52 challenge…

2652How are you with new beginnings? Do you struggle with being inspired? Can you consistently go into action? Are you creating? Completing? If you are like me there will be many of these questions that are answered with a not so good or no or sometimes…

This Life Cycle Repatterning addresses these questions. This is our final repatterning from the chakra book. My issue for this one is my spiritual life. I have a very strong faith and I am committed to a spiritual practice. My problem is that I go into questioning and doubts. What’s it all about?

I am avoiding Ether. “I avoid being still and receiving guidance for my next step”.

I am prematurely activating Fire: “I find solutions for my feelings rather than experiencing my feelings”.

I need Ether to re-establish the natural flow of my life cycle. My spiritual purpose is to be fully present in my life; to love and be loved openly and freely; to grow and evolve into the best manifestation of my spirit in physical form and to share who I am and what I know with others and support their growth and transformation.

I take the time to be in the stillness and the void of limitless possibilities so I move into new beginnings aligned with my spiritual purpose.

I needed to do the Ayurvedic sounds for the Ether and Air chakras to balance my energy.

I feel the shifts from this one. I am comfortable not knowing the answer to what’s it all about? I know the answer will come if I can just BE.

Where are you blocked in your life cycle? Please let me know. Next we start on our Meridian Five Element repatternings which will complete our challenge. Notice how you feel at this moment. Are you proud of yourself? Feeling the positive affects of focusing your loving, healing energy on yourself?

Onward and upward….


About Ardis Ozborn

I teach Resonance Repatterning seminars throughout the world. I also offer an interactive group dynamic called Journeys with Oz.
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