Master these 5 online skills to become a tech savvy practitioner.

I remember in circa 1999/2000 thinking the prohibitive cost of obtaining a website would mean i would never have one in this lifetime. It did not take long for the world wide web to turn that experience around! Today, everyone has the same tools for publishing and marketing as the New York Times and others – all of it is FREE! However, there is such a proliferation of services and new ones coming online everyday…. where do you begin. Here are my favorite recommendations that I make in my Tech (and Marketing) Savvy practitioner webinar:

1. Set up and run your own blog (free)
2. Get a Gmail account and Google Plus options (free)
3. If you have a Gmail account you now have a Youtube account. Set it up along with your profile and an introductory 3 minute video (free)
4. Learn how to set up a YouTube HangOut live Event (free)
5. Obtain a video conferencing service and learn how to give sessions to clients online face to face, conduct group events or do volunteer collaboration using the app (free)

What Can The Tech Savvy Practitioner do with these skills? I would love to see everyone in the community succeed in being known. Master these strategies and you will soon be doing things like….

1. Joining the RPA’s World Peace Hologram website and offering group sessions. Check out my WPH archive page as an example:

2. Have all of your online content publish simoultaneaously to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and others reaching people you have never met before. (Hmmm… look for this post on my twitter feed ( )

3. Develop online workshops, groups sessions and videos to provide a variety of services for your clients. ( Next Online Series, Retaker Options, Carolyn’s Webinars)

How much does it cost? FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you learn to do it all by yourself? Seriously, if you have learned and mastered the Resonance Repatterning system, you already have the know-how to follow user friendly instructions at most of these techy sites to set them up yourself.

Do you need more success at spreading the word about the incredible repatterning services you offer? Master the skills above and you will never look back.

We are setting up blogs and talking more about these services at the Tech (and Marketing) Savvy Practitioner webinar with Carolyn Winter (moi).  Learning always happens exponentially when you are in good company!

Holographic Coach

About Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

Energy Healer & life coach, with unique online long distance applications providing tools to navigate your holographic universe. Currently partnering with Resonance Repatterning teacher Ardis Ozborn to bring the training seminars online in a live video conferencing format. My passion is quilting.
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2 Responses to Master these 5 online skills to become a tech savvy practitioner.

  1. Carole Brown says:

    Reblogged this on News & Updates and commented:
    One of the things I am beginning to remember, having only recently come back to the RPA, is how much we truly care about each other in this community. When Carolyn says in her blog post “I would love to see everyone in the community succeed in being known”, I know that she really means this in the most loving way.
    How great it is to know that the person making an offer of support comes from an altruistic place …. which is why I am re-blogging Carolyn’s blog post to our RPA blog now.
    Love and peace to you all, Carole xxx
    P.S. In my last sentence, there’s THREE mentions of “blog” in a row! For those who are new to this word or concept and want to blog, maybe we need a BLOG REPATTERNING? LOL

    • Theresa Larson says:

      Love it and the suggestion, Sooo I’m putting it ‘On_Line’ that I am open to the repatterning “BLOG”…Blog me in please! ( :
      Under Construction @ Frequency of Health,

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