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Master these 5 online skills to become a tech savvy practitioner.

I remember in circa 1999/2000 thinking the prohibitive cost of obtaining a website would mean i would never have one in this lifetime. It did not take long for the world wide web to turn that experience around! Today, everyone … Continue reading

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Services for Seeing Clients Eye to Eye… VSee or ZOOM?

Are you using video conferencing as yet for your repatterning services? Many practitioners provide sessions by phone or by Skype which has worked fine for many. If you are ready to notch it up a bit, consider doing your sessions … Continue reading

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Heal Your Marketing Patterns: David Meerman-Scott- “Marketing Without Fear”

Thinking about starting your own practice as a healer?   It’s not too early to begin learning the skills that will help you to promote your work and build a client base.   David Meerman Scott is an extraordinary marketer … Continue reading

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Offering Repatterning Sessions with Specialty Topics

One way to build a new repatterning practice is to offer your healing work to address any number of topics.    Practitioners often think that the brand itself  “Resonance Repatterning” sells it self and often this does happen.  However, your ideal … Continue reading

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