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Like Us! @ the World Summit of Integrative Medicine –

The folks at Quantum University are presenting a fall online conference The World Summit of Integrative Medicine October 5th-11th.   You will recognize many familiar names on the agenda – Joe Dispenza, Lynne McTaggart, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Amit Goswami, PhD and many … Continue reading

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Entrain and Celebrate! Happy Canada Day, 4th of July.

In the Relationships seminar and Repatterning book, Chloe Wordsworth sets out the importance of a concept of Entrainment. She writes “Entrainment is a natural law – an inherent necessity to pulse together. … When a system is entrained we feel … Continue reading

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Why would anyone EVER want to be ordinary???

The RPA was created to support the needs of Resonance Repatterning students and practitioners. It is a community of like minded souls who focus on becoming extraordinary practitioners. Ideas are shared, new information is made available and everyone participates in … Continue reading

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Are You Hopeful About Where Your Life is Going?

It’s spring here in Toronto and the wood element qualities of this energy is all around us, – new beginnings, creativity, hope, positive self-assertion potential, identity and more.  This tulip pot reminded me of the qualities of hopefulness and positive self-assertion as … Continue reading

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