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Reflections of a Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

Could you please ‘ask it….’ muscle checking reflections

Clients often ask me in a session to “Ask it” or please check….for something that they want. They are referring of course to the muscle checking tool of the Resonance Repatterning system.  I often smile and ask “Who is it?” … Continue reading

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How Can You Tell If the Repatterning Worked?

People become practitioners of Resonance Repatterning for a number of reasons but for  many having an experience of a powerful shift in energy, a profound insight, or delightful  synchronicity was not only convincing but compelling.  In my case, I initially … Continue reading

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Do you trust your muscle checking?

When learning Resonance Repatterning for the first time either in person or online, you may easily think in the moment that it is a very simple system. It’s not until we start practicing that some of the complexities appear and with it … Continue reading

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When Your Reason for Being A Nun etc is coherent…

In the recent Nun Karma Release Repatterning for healers with me,  after clearing the past life vows we needed a statement from the section on “Coherent Reasons for being a Nun, Monk etc.   You might well ask ‘what is that … Continue reading

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Researchers finding ways to erase unhappy memories

Researchers finding ways to erase unhappy memories.  This newspaper article caught my eye this morning.   It is always delightful to find scientific discoveries and news that supports those aspects already incorporated into the Resonance Repatterning system! Carolyn

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