Geometric Patterns

Recently discovered some images on my computer collected well over 12 years ago!   They were free images at the time.  I share them here for non-commercial purposes and for educational purposes.


1. Paper Patterns for 3D-Platonic Solids.  Below you will find the PDF and GIF (image) file for each of the 5 platonic solids. The PDF is ready to print.  The GIF version allows you to iInsert into a document and size to the full page.  A PDF of the image insert into a document and custom size it.  I used to assign these as positive actions, placing an intention on the inside and instructing the client to ‘play’ with the model.

PDF 3-DModels of Geometric Solids.  Download and follow the instruction to make a platonic solid out of an 81/2 x11 paper.  Use colors related to the chakras, add an intention on one side etc to maximize the power of the shape.

cubeicosahedron | Tetrahedron| Octahedron.|  dodecahedron

Gif Version: 

cube| icosahedron | Tetrahedron| Octahedron.|  dodecahedron

Chakra Correspondences: Earth | Water | Fire | Air | Ether

2. Spinning Version: These are called animated GIFs.  Right Click and select File/SaveAs to your computer.

Hexahedron Icosahedron


Check Wikipedia for more information on the Platonic Solids and for additional images.

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