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Stress & the power of the Inner Tradition

…of Chinese Acupuncture to help us evolve to a higher understanding of our present circumstances By Chloe Faith Wordsworth November 20th 2016 (reprinted with permission) Stress – a fact of life Most of our problems, if not all of them, … Continue reading

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Inner Cultivation Online in June…..

We are so happy to be offering Chloe’s Inner Cultivation class online in June. I have taken this class several times and each retake gives me a deeper understanding of the meridians. Chloe has added a new dimension to this … Continue reading

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Amplify the energy of Resonance Repatterning…..

I have been receiving Dr. Mercola’s newsletters for years in which he shares research on anything related to healing. He is a medical doctor who embraces alternative treatments completely. Dr. Mercola is devoted to finding natural and effective treatments to … Continue reading

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Generational Gifts…

As infants we survive by bonding with our parents. We resonate with their frequency patterns. This supports the downloading of massive amounts of information and new learning for us. This means that we get all the patterns. Both their coherent … Continue reading

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Spiral Up is Here!!!

Chloe has finished her Spiral Up! book. She is presenting her new modality book at the RPA’s annual virtual meeting on Saturday, February 22, at 5:15pm (EST). I had a sneak preview of this manuscript and it is amazing. This … Continue reading

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