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Healer, heal thyself….

This is a wonderful explanation of energy and healing from an interview with Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist from Stanford University, known for his research on cells. His book “The Biology of Belief”is one many of us are familiar with. … Continue reading

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Welcome back to our 26/52: Earlier Experience Repatterning # 12….

Happy new year! It is time to resume our challenge after the holiday break. I wish everyone a healthy and prosperous 2015. Setting an overall intention for this 26/52 challenge is a powerful way to transform. In most of the … Continue reading

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Spiral Up is Here!!!

Chloe has finished her Spiral Up! book. She is presenting her new modality book at the RPA’s annual virtual meeting on Saturday, February 22, at 5:15pm (EST). I had a sneak preview of this manuscript and it is amazing. This … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to Chloe….

Today we celebrate the anniversary of Chloe Wordsworth’s birth. In 1990 I moved to Scottsdale Arizona with my young son. I didn’t know anyone in Arizona but felt very drawn to it. I quickly sought out alternative healers to maintain … Continue reading

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