Healer, heal thyself….

This is a wonderful explanation of energy and healing from an interview with Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist from Stanford University, known for his research on cells. His book “The Biology of Belief”is one many of us are familiar with. In Resonance Repatterning we learn that we actually create reality with our thoughts yet we often struggle with our attempts to explain healing and energy. This is an excerpt from an interview he did for Kosmic Consciousness:

Q: How can you explain energy healing?

Bruce Lipton: There’s a concept in quantum physics called “entanglement,” which is when one energy source entangles with another so that they interfere with each other. This interference can be positive and harmonious, as with energy healing, or it can be negative. Long distance healing is possible because energy isn’t limited to a set of spatial distance. It’s freaky but it works!

Physicist Amit Goswami published an article in a physics journal showing that entanglement affects people. He had two people meditate together and then separated them into two chambers where they couldn’t see or hear one another. When one person had a light strobed by his eye, it caused the firing of a certain frequency in the brain. Remarkably, at the same moment, the other person’s brain also fired, even though he never saw the light. This proves what we intuitively knew, that the energies of people can affect one another.

Q: What exactly happens in an energy healing session, then?

Bruce Lipton: What Goswami’s study demonstrated is that when two people become entangled, one person will conform to the energy of the other person. When one of them is a healer whose cells are vibrating at a higher level, the client’s cells become entangled, and their energy is lifted. That’s why that old saying, “physician heal thyself,” is so important, even though most don’t understand it: If the physician’s energy is going to influence or, in scientific terms, “entrain” the patient’s, the doctor’s must be higher.

Q: What causes a person’s energy to be lower in the first place?

Bruce Lipton: This is where environment comes in. And by that I mean of course diet, exercise and stress, but also your sense — or lack — of optimism. Each of our cells is a living entity, and the main thing that influences them is our blood. If I open my eyes in the morning and my beautiful partner is in front of me, my perception causes a release of oxytocin, dopamine, growth hormones — all of which encourage the growth and health of my cells. But if I see a saber tooth tiger, I’m going to release stress hormones — cortisol, histamine, norepinephrine. Those chemicals change the cells to a protection mode. I don’t even have to see these things: If I’m worried or afraid, my blood will fill with the same harmful chemicals. People need to realize that their thoughts are more primary than their genes, because the environment, which is influenced by our thoughts, controls the genes.

Q: So you have to change the environment — including your thoughts — if you want healing to be sustained?

Bruce Lipton: Yes. If your environment keeps draining your energy, it’s like having a leaky bank account, where any money you’re putting into the bank, such as by seeing an energy healer, keeps slipping out. You have to change your environment, including any harmful beliefs, before the energy can stay high.

Q: Does a person’s expectation about a healer play a role in whether they improve?

Bruce Lipton: Absolutely. Your cells don’t see the environment directly; they take as their truth what the brain tells them. That’s why the placebo effect is so powerful for every type of healing. If the brain expects that a treatment will work, it sends healing chemicals into the bloodstream, which facilitates that. And the opposite is equally true and equally powerful: When the brain expects that a therapy will not work, it doesn’t. It’s called the “nocebo” effect.

Thank you Bruce Lipton!


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