I’ve got that LIVING feeling!

When was the last time you were so excited and passionate about something that you walked around with a perpetual grin? So riveted by a new idea that you forgot your  problems? When was your last “wow” moment?

There is a wonderful article by Joe Robinson in Life and Wisdom magazine. He speaks about losing the “livin feeling”.

Being fully alive requires energy to move and flow. When it flows freely we have a sense of aliveness (remember being a child?). We have the potential for living with passion and joy yet so many of us are unable to access this fully. We are stressed by our problems and lose our belief that we can have a life that is meaningful and joyous. We lose our spark.

We always have a choice; to be fully alive or pull back in fear. We can make a “to live list” as Joe Robinson suggests to get focused on joy. Create a set of FUN things to experience right now. Some suggestions:

-Go exploring in your own city: museums, galleries, restaurants, parks. Book that trip you have always wanted to take. What are you waiting for?

– Try something new: mountain biking, making jewelry, painting, sculpting, singing, dancing, joining a sports team, playing a musical instrument?

-Remember your childhood dreams. What did you love doing as a kid? Our childhood dreams can guide us to our joy! Go for it; it’s not too late….

In our grown up world it’s easy to get lost with too many responsibilities and forget that we are dealing with a “finite commodity”- TIME. We all have a limited engagement. Take a huge bite out of life..it’s good to want something more. We are here to discover….That’s LIFE!


About Ardis Ozborn

I teach Resonance Repatterning seminars throughout the world. I also offer an interactive group dynamic called Journeys with Oz.
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1 Response to I’ve got that LIVING feeling!

  1. Ardis – great inspiration! I recently got inspired by the paintings of Lawren Harris missing the exhibit at the Ontario Gallery of Art. Bought and framed 2 posters instead (you see them as my background in the online classes). With your post, i am thinking of now doing a short day trip to the McMichael gallery just north of the city (Toronto) as another exhibit is showing there. Hoping to get inspired to make a landscape quilt wall hanging along the same art lines.

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