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The power of forgiveness: its a choice….let it go!

Autumn is the season that reminds us to JUST let go! The trees gracefully dropping their leaves is a beautiful example of releasing. We all have our reasons for holding onto pain and hurt inflicted within our relationships. The reality … Continue reading

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Releasing the old, embracing the new…..

Fall is on its way in a few weeks. According to the Five Element theory from China, the season of autumn is an invitation to reflect and let go. Nature models this by dropping the mature leaves so the new … Continue reading

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August 24th Facilitating the Extraordinary – Weekly Focus of Consciousness

“I take in what is rich and let go of what is not.” – Fire Element Quality We live in an information age with more coming at us every moment than we could have imagine even a short time ago.  We can get lost in … Continue reading

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Five element tip of the day….

When we let go of grudges it frees our energy to create the life we want. Letting go is a gift we give ourselves. Try it!

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