Writing Who I Am

pen and inkIn the introduction to the Writing Repatterning Chloe Wordsworth makes the assertion that your handwriting is your unique self-expression.

What surfaced for me in this repatterning were the limiting beliefs that writing is a struggle and that I have nothing to say that is worth reading. As a result, I fail to give my writing a high priority.

When my husband was alive, he was a fine writer himself, and he also encouraged me in my writing efforts. So I am seeing that the loss of this significant person in my life can contribute to a loss of self-confidence. There is no longer anyone handy to have a quick look at what I’ve written and to make constructive assessments along the way.

I am also seeing that he was a buffer – because he was appreciative of my efforts, I was able to keep my self-doubts at bay. Without his support, my confidence in my self-expression has faltered.

So it was very interesting to me that the essential oil blend Lady Sclareol was the oil needed to clear these old patterns. Lady Sclareol was developed primarily as a romantic perfume. Its invention came after the publication of Carolyn Mein’s book on releasing emotional patterns with essential oils, and so she does not reference this blend. However, she does discuss the effects of some of the oils used in the blend.

For example, vetiver is helpful for bringing stillness to an overactive mind. Ylang ylang has traditionally been used to restore confidence and equilibrium, and jasmine, in addition of smelling beautiful, is a great stress reliever and a good balancer of feminine energy. Bergamot and orange have a calming effect and geranium both relaxes and revitalizes.

Thus it seems to me that the wisdom of muscle checking made a good choice with the Lady Sclareol blend for restoring calmness and balance and for increasing confidence in my own self-expression through my writing.

About kathiejoblin

Born under the sign of Gemini in Toronto, Canada, I am a self-employed energy healer and musician working with sound and light to support people in realizing their potential. I’m an eldest daughter, a wife of 40 years, and a mother of an only son. I’m a loyal friend and a faithful volunteer in my town and on the internet through the World Peace Hologram project which offers free Resonance Repatterning proxy sessions to energize our vision of a peaceful and sustainable world for all.
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2 Responses to Writing Who I Am

  1. Beautiful, Kathie… I love how perfect your oil experience was 🙂

  2. Ardis Ozborn says:

    Kathie: when will you be publishing your first e-book? I can’t wait…Ardis

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