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Born under the sign of Gemini in Toronto, Canada, I am a self-employed energy healer and musician working with sound and light to support people in realizing their potential. I’m an eldest daughter, a wife of 40 years, and a mother of an only son. I’m a loyal friend and a faithful volunteer in my town and on the internet through the World Peace Hologram project which offers free Resonance Repatterning proxy sessions to energize our vision of a peaceful and sustainable world for all.

We become what we think about

Originally posted on Kathie Joblin's Blog:
My participation in the 26 in 52 challenge has been around the theme of an in-depth exploration of the grief process and the use of essential oils to clear the non-coherent patterns that…

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Writing Who I Am

In the introduction to the Writing Repatterning Chloe Wordsworth makes the assertion that your handwriting is your unique self-expression. What surfaced for me in this repatterning were the limiting beliefs that writing is a struggle and that I have nothing … Continue reading

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Sniff Sniff Sniff

I was late getting on board with the 26 in 52 challenge, and have just completed the Belief Repatterning. I was astonished when the belief “I am half dead” came up for clearing, and then I realized that perhaps my … Continue reading

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