26/52 Repatterning Challenge #2: Seeing Repatterning

Knowing and trusting that my system (energetic, guidance, subconscious, etc.) knows where to take me next, I am following the 26/52 Repatterning Challenge with a very broad intent: What do I need to know next in order to show up in my highest and best capacity? The Belief Repatterning (#1) showed me that I am putting things on hold, waiting for the “inevitable” interruption, and believing at a subconscious level that I need to be alone in order to be all I can be (that has so jarred me out of my cocoon!). As I am now resonating to my coherent knowing that I lead the way for others, things have begun shifting. I am writing (hallelujah … I cannot tell you how long I have been longing to do this!) and I am finding resolution to my hip’s decades-old holding-me-back pain and discomfort.  (See blog on Somatic Correlation).

On to Repatterning #2:  Seeing Repatterning:  I don’t want to see my youth fading… I may no longer appeal to the world if it does. I see my vitality, my viability and my relevance wrapped up in youth.  Well guess what? I’m 57 and if what I “see” is true, then I’m done for.  Finito.  Gone.  Over. I’m spending an inordinate amount of time ruing my advancing age and while I’m doing that, guess what else I found out? I don’t radiate light from my eyes!  All the opportunities that are filing by me and I’m missing the boat when I could be radiating light from my eyes!  And being vital. And being relevant.  I love how Resonance Repatterning can open my eyes (appropriate for a Seeing Repatterning :-)) and “aha” me into being present!  And guess what else I found out?  By not radiating light from my eyes I am avoiding allowing my inner light to shine!  The very thing I came here to do!!!  This repatterning brought me to this statement:  I am ready to let go of my limiting belief that I don’t radiate light from my eyes right now so I let my light shine.  An activation of my visual field and a meridian dance later and I am ON for that statement.  WooHoo!

About Georgia LaCroix

Georgia LaCroix, CMT, Holistic Healing Coach, combines coaching and integrative healing skills to offer her clients and students avenues through which they can become empowered, come into awareness of their Wholeness and move forward to experience practical, full, productive, creative and joy-filled lives. Georgia teaches Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), and facilitates workshops designed to help individuals break through their blocks and move forward! A Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, IET® Master Instructor, Certified Soul DetectiveTM, Resonance Repatterning® Student Practitioner and practitioner in several other modalities, Georgia has 25 years of extensive study and experience in the fields of bodywork, energy healing and coaching.
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1 Response to 26/52 Repatterning Challenge #2: Seeing Repatterning

  1. Ardis Ozborn says:

    Shine on Georgia! I may need sunglasses….Ardis

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