Moving disrupted energy in my chakra’s; #17 in 26/52 challenge…

2652We all have chakra centers spinning within our physical bodies. Most of the time the energy in our spinning wheels flows freely from its center, out our fingers and toes, and is attracted back to it’s chakra to be recharged. We may not notice this expression of energy that feeds our physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies but we will notice when it gets interrupted. If this chakra energy is disrupted in its outward flow we feel pressure within ourselves on some level. If this energy is disrupted in its inward flow and can’t get back to it’s center to be recharged, we feel depleted and empty.

I focused on an issue with low energy. I have been experiencing a lot of stress and sadness around the death of a close family member. I have felt lethargic and lacking the energy to tackle my growing” to do” list. There was a disruption in energy flowing back to my air/heart chakra; I feel disconnected from love and life.

L-5 energy came up: Communicating my deep feelings is difficult for me. The connection I clearly made was around not giving myself permission to feel my own pain while others were needing my support. That is a classic quagmire for healers…

My air chakra triad was blocked on all poles: shoulders/lungs, kidneys/colon and ankles/calves. My heart center had completely shut down. Energy was not able to flow in or out. No wonder I felt so depleted. My coping mechanism for handling this loss was closing down the possibility of healing my heart.

The balancing heart energy: My heart opens in response to the beauty and harmony in nature. My system is drawn to nature. I always feel invigorated when I am outside. With all that has been going on I stopped giving myself this pleasure.

I did some polarity contacts: shoulders to ankles; colon to calves; shoulders to kidneys. I felt the energy move powerfully. My positive action is to be out in nature. I am getting ready to take Brody for a nice hike while we still have cool mornings in AZ.

Life is still full of joy and possibilities even when I feel sad. All I need to do is see how Brody wags his entire body at the smells and sights that surround us. He is such a good teacher!

What chakra is speaking to you? Asking for support in moving your disrupted energy? Please let me know. It’s not too late to jump into this challenge. Just do it!


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I teach Resonance Repatterning seminars throughout the world. I also offer an interactive group dynamic called Journeys with Oz.
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