Do or Do not…There is not try…Why get certified??

MP900437247[1]The certification process can be confusing or daunting for students. You invest a great deal of time and resources learning the Resonance Repatterning system and then start practicing your new skills. You offer sessions to family and friends so you can fine tune your skills. They love the session: who doesn’t love focused attention? So why get certified?

You can offer sessions without it. There are no rules against that as long as you don’t misrepresent yourself as a certified practitioner. Why put yourself through even more training and observations? Because you want to be……………. an EXTRAORDINARY PRACTITIONER!

You are drawn to this work for it’s complexity and depth. You could easily study something less demanding or time consuming but you chose this. Why? Because you are not satisfied staying on the surface of any issue in life? Because you like to dig deep for information that will lead to genuine, permanent transformation? If so, then consider this journey for yourself. For your own growth, transformation and healing. You are worth it. You deserve the same focused, loving attention on you and your abilities, that you offer to others.

Every student I have mentored through this certification process has experienced it differently. For some it was a powerful affirmation that they had indeed absorbed and integrated this huge body of knowledge. For some it was the most profound healing they had ever experienced.  It brought up some deep seated issues around feeling inadequate: fears of messing up and being called on it. To receive gentle, loving and helpful feedback for perhaps the first time in their lives, created profound shifts in them; and allowed the most profound healing they had ever experienced. It changed their perceptions of themselves. One student told me she had always felt “stupid”in learning situations. When she completed her certification process with me that shifted. For the first time in her life she not only felt smart but she knew she was smart!

I am here to mentor and support this leg of your journey. If you are ready to know what you know; learn what you don’t and finally release the old perceptions around feedback;I am here. We can do this online or in person. That is up to you.

Are you ready?


About Ardis Ozborn

I teach Resonance Repatterning seminars throughout the world. I also offer an interactive group dynamic called Journeys with Oz.
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