Are you a misplaced eagle?

insideballoon.jpgA naturalist was exploring a forest and saw a farm in the distance. He hiked over to the property and introduced himself to the farmer. Being a friendly guy he was happy to show his new friend around. The naturalist was surprised to see a beautiful eagle in the chicken coop. The farmer explained that he had rescued the wounded eagle when he was a baby and put him in with the chickens so he could recover. The eagle never left. He was grown and healthy yet seemed content to live with his chicken family.

The naturalist was eager to “rescue” this magnificent creature and set him free. He convinced the farmer and together they got the eagle out of the chicken coop and into the farmers truck. The naturalist sat in the truck bed with the eagle who was quite docile. They drove to the top of a nearby mountain. The naturalist held the eagle and walked to the edge. He quietly explained to him that he was created to fly- not be on the ground. He had grown up with the chickens and been confined to a coop for his safety but he was now healed and it was time to fly. The eagle looked at the man and then gazed over the edge of the cliff toward the chicken coop. He climbed down the man’s body and walked back to the truck.

Undaunted the naturalist picked him up again. This time he decided they needed more height so he raised him up and urged him to fly…The eagle looked out over the valley where he knew the chicken coop was and then at the naturalist. He paused but then he climbed back down again and walked over to the truck. The farmer witnessed this with a smile.

The naturalist was convinced the eagle was ready to take off so he tried again. He encouraged the bird, he spoke softly yet firmly to him. He told him that God had created him to be His most magnificent flying creature. Finally he told him to look toward the sun and he would remember his purpose. He raised him up again.

The eagle was very still. He looked at the valley below.  He looked at the kind man holding him. They both waited. Then a quiver went through the eagles body and he slowly spread his wings and  soared towards the sky.

After that he returned to the farm occasionally to visit with the chickens but never lived with them again.

Are you a misplaced eagle? Do you feel that you are in the wrong place? Living the wrong life? Wanting to soar yet reluctant to let go of the security and familiarity of your chicken coop? If so you are not alone. Many of us feel this way.

To soar we have to be willing to change. Change is scary; even positive change. Here is a suggestion: DO SOMETHING. Decide on one small change you will make right now towards becoming who you were meant to be. See it clearly and in great detail. Imagine how it feels to be an eagle and the new perspective you will get from this vantage point. Breathe. Slowly and deeply and take that step. Reward yourself…perhaps a hot air balloon ride?


About Ardis Ozborn

I teach Resonance Repatterning seminars throughout the world. I also offer an interactive group dynamic called Journeys with Oz.
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2 Responses to Are you a misplaced eagle?

  1. Julie Steve says:

    I do think that there is an eagle inside me & I appreciate that you my dear friend are encouraging and coaxing it to gently come out! 🙂
    Awesome story!

  2. Ardis – great story. It actually reminds me of a question I have of one of the repatternings… In the Geometric Frequency repatterning ( the most mystical of the lot in my opinion!) there is section called “The law of 3 requests” . I noticed in your story how it took 3 times for the eagle to say ‘yes’ to what was natural. In the repatterining – could you please tell me the origin of that question? Is it some spiritual law of 3 requests, some psychological principle or did Chloe just make that up?


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