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When was the last time you did a self session with all of the basic 6 Resonance Repatterning? Join me in a year long challenge of one repatterning every 2 weeks and revisit all of the repatternings, update your awareness of what has changed and how each may facilitate the extraordinary! – Ardis Ozborn

Cycling through life…#19 in the 26/52 challenge…

How are you with new beginnings? Do you struggle with being inspired? Can you consistently go into action? Are you creating? Completing? If you are like me there will be many of these questions that are answered with a not … Continue reading

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Finding my optimal sound frequency…#18 in 26/52 challenge….

I am unique. Everyone is. I came into life with my own specialized frequency pattern. My constitutional energy pattern is reflected in all my actions, thoughts, feelings and choices. The issue for this session is around blocking my creative possibilities … Continue reading

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Moving disrupted energy in my chakra’s; #17 in 26/52 challenge…

We all have chakra centers spinning within our physical bodies. Most of the time the energy in our spinning wheels flows freely from its center, out our fingers and toes, and is attracted back to it’s chakra to be recharged. … Continue reading

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Tuning up my chakras; #16 of 26/52…

I love this chakra repatterning and the powerful transformation I experience as I liberate my stuck energy from these channels. I worked on my Fire chakra. My  non coherent statement was an inability to go into action. I do suffer … Continue reading

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Resolutions/Disappointments: Integration For Growth Repatterning: 26/52 #15

We like to think that change happens quickly& effortlessly by sheer will. We often struggle to let go of dysfunctional beliefs, attitudes, jobs and relationships and even when we make progress we don’t always hold it. We reach a peak … Continue reading

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