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World Peace Hologram; a session to heal the harmful words spoken…

On September 21st my friend and colleague, Jennifer Johnson and I, will be doing a session for the world peace hologram project. We are going to look at the dialogue of the candidates and supporters in this presidential election. This … Continue reading

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Because I Knew You I Have Been Changed For Good….

Family. You are born into them. You don’t choose who will be in that group. You take what you get. I had the good fortune to have a sister that I actually liked and loved. We had our moments, as … Continue reading

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Rekindling relationships through audio….

Chloe has been teaching the Principles of Relationship in our ONLINE classroom these past two weeks. It has been wonderful taking this class in small sections. I find it much easier to absorb and integrate this huge amount of information. … Continue reading

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Are gadgets taking over the world?

Since we starting doing our ONLINE training I have been spending more time with my gadgets. I read an interesting article by Cecilia Kang that state that machines are taking over!  If you count all the cellphones, mobile devices& computers, … Continue reading

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